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Real Housewives Of Orange County Viewers Slam Eddie Judge Over Comments About Tamra Judge’s Son Ryan Vieth

The last episode of Real Housewives of Orange County was a 15 car pile-up of calamity and all roads lead to Tamra Judge. So far this season, Tamra has injected herself into everyone’s personal business in what appears to be an astronomical effort to get that Head Bitch In Charge title. What it might do is blow up in her face and just leave her with, Head Bitch.

When Tamra isn’t getting attention by spreading rumors or giving Vicki Gunvalson a reason to exist, she turns to family issues. Tamra’s oldest son, Ryan Vieth, has experienced several crises of a financial personal nature. Ryan recently opened up about his current struggles on camera and Tamra’s husband Eddie Judge had… thoughts. Let’s just say his thoughts didn’t go over too well.

Ryan was the petulant stepson of Tamra’s ex Simon Barney who lacked ambition and structure. He tried to cover his absence of employment with tattoos and did not lead a conventional life. Ryan met his ex-fiancée on Instagram and it was love at first DM. Sarah Rodriguez had three kids and lots of baggage, so naturally they got engaged. Sarah and Ryan added to the brood after she gave birth to their daughter, Ava. Ryan’s financial nightmare found Tamra loaning her son a great deal of money to stay afloat. Obviously, Tamra’s husband had concerns. Eddie did not sign up for funding another man’s life and wasn’t shy about explaining this to his wife.

In 2015, Ryan was arrested for domestic violence. By the time 2019 rolled around, Sarah had shared some sensitive texts to social media, allegedly sent by Ryan. Some of the more disturbing points included Ryan telling Sarah to kill herself. In an incredibly alarming twist, Ryan supposedly sent a photo of a bullet with the words, “FUCK YOU!!!!! This one’s for you” attached. Hello, giant red flag.

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After suffering emotionally and receiving encouragement from Tamra, Ryan sought therapy. Fans watched as Ryan opened up during a counseling session while Tamra once again defied logic and sobbed with no tears. Some people were moved by Ryan’s perceived vulnerability and stricken by his confession of having suicidal thoughts. Eddie on the other hand, was not. During Eddie’s interview segment he said of Ryan, “When you’re struggling with childhood issues as a man, you’re not a man.”

There’s a lot wrong with this statement. According to The Blast, fans took to Twitter and went in on Eddie after his remarks. One person wrote, “Eddie saying your son isn’t a ‘Man’ because he is struggling with childhood issues and needs to get over it???? What a cruel, careless, A$$!!! I’m disgusted by his lack of empathy.” Let’s be clear, Eddie’s words were insensitive. He has also had a lot more time around Ryan than the rest of us.

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Another user tweeted, “@TamraBarney your son is stunted because you’re stunted. And Eddie – you’re a douche. Not everyone has the same experience and processes it the same way. F—ING DOUCHE. I CAN’T.” Excellent point. Not all people process things the same way and mental illness is a real thing. But Ryan didn’t seem in a delicate state when he shared his feelings about the transgender community. He appeared reasonably coherent when passionately disputing with his brother over their opposing views of politics.

Ryan had his own talking head where he seemed jealous of his half-siblings because they had the benefit of being raised with a bigger bank account. His brother and sister are both attending college – but would Ryan have attended if able? This is someone who never seemed to choose gainful employment. Could it factor in to Eddie’s crass comment? Meanwhile, Tamra is crying in the corner because all of this is happening to HER. One fan wrote to Tamra directly, “Dayum @TamraBarney, Eddie speaking on your son like that…. grown or not me as his mother, would have had a problem, with Eddie and his 2 cents that nobody asked for.”

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Though Ryan has declared he is done with RHOC, now Tammy Sue has a brand new sob story line. Tamra has yet to acknowledge Eddie’s words about her son. It might be time for Ryan to take a break and leave television. Eddie should check himself before he comments on anyone’s mental health. But this is Orange County, where his wife is the pied piper of bad behavior and sometimes kids take after their mothers.


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