Southern Charm Star Cameran Eubanks Found Out She Is Allergic To Alcohol

Southern Charm star Cameran Eubanks has a unique place on the show. She has been Southern Charm’s narrator since its debut in 2014. Through six seasons, Cameran has offered up her take on the behavior of her castmates in a way few other reality stars have been able to do. Of course, Cameran is also a star of the series, but she has largely kept her personal life private, a rare feat in reality television.

Cameran’s doctor husband Jason Wimberly has been almost completely MIA from the show, although he did show up in last season’s finale. Unfortunately, he popped up while Cameran was fawning over Naomie Olindo’s boyfriend Metul Shah! We have gotten to know a little bit more about Cameran in the last few seasons as she has shared her fears about becoming a mother, as well as her worries about being a good parent to daughter Palmer. And her ambivalence about having a second child. Another thing we know about Cameran is that she and alcohol don’t always mix. Recently, Cameran revealed why she gets a little crazy sometimes when she drinks.

In an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Cameran shared a surprising tidbit about herself in response to Craig Conover’s vote of confidence in her partying capabilities. At BravoCon, Craig had called Cameran the most fun to party with “if she actually decides to drink once in a while.”

In response, Cameran stated, “I’m actually a really fun drunk, I am. But I recently did one of those 23 and Me DNA tests or whatever and I’ve always been a major lightweight when it comes to [alcohol]. Two drinks and they’re showing it on the show.”

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Fans have watched Cameran lose control after tossing back a few more than once. Last season, Cameran became inebriated at her own backyard birthday party. Another season, we saw her rolling around on the floor at a fancy Charleston bash. None of it made a lot of sense as Cameran is someone who prides herself on self-control.

Now we have an answer to the mystery of Cameran’s occasional drinking escapades. And it comes courtesy of her 23 and Me test. Cameran revealed, “But I took the test and found out I’m allergic to alcohol. I really shouldn’t be drinking anything period… I have the gene variance.”

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Cameran did not get more detailed with her explanation, but I will take her word for it. What will her BFF Shep Rose think about this as he loves to party–and sometimes makes a fool of himself while doing so. Just like his BFF. Will Cameran not be able to sample any of Austen Kroll’s future Trop Hop offerings?

It will be interesting to see if Cameran imbibes on season 7 of Southern Charm. So much of the show has centered around parties, bar-hopping and indulging on cast trips. Maybe Cameran will have to be the designated driver for the crew. A role she seems a natural for, anyways.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]