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Kelly Dodd Says She Made Up With Vicki Gunvalson At The Reunion

Real Housewives of Orange County “OG” Vicki Gunvalson may have been demoted and  lost her orange for Season 14, but she still came ready to rumble. Her favorite sparring partner is co-star Kelly Dodd, and the bad blood goes way back.

Kelly accused Vicki of breaking “girl code” by fixing up Kelly’s ex-husband Michael Dodd with one of Vicki’s friends. Vicki and her then-boyfriend Steve Lodge went on double dates with the couple, but Vicki never gave Kelly a heads up. Kelly was furious.

At the Season 13 reunion, Vicki accused Kelly of using cocaine. Their war escalated during Season 14. Vicki and RHOC co-star Tamra Judge brought up a crazy rumor that Kelly was allegedly involved in a sex train situation. Kelly denied the rumors.

Vicki even accused Kelly of getting engaged for a storyline. Kelly said that Vicki paid for her own engagement ring from Steve. Pot, have you met kettle? Kelly also called Vicki a pig on several occasions, including during their Key West trip.

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Kelly told People that Vicki and Tamra were “stale” and should leave immediately gracefully exit the show. That is hilarious! If Tamra and Vicki have their way, they would still be filming RHOC from a retirement home in their rocking chairs. They will never leave this show.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, a Jane Roe (Vicki) filed a lawsuit on November 1 against Kelly and “The Real Housewives of Orange County” producers at Bravo and NBCUniversal. Vicki said that three statements that Kelly made in Key West could be damaging to Vicki’s livelihood if they aired on RHOC. Kelly allegedly said, “You are a con woman,” to Vicki. Ouch!

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Vicki withdrew the lawsuit a few days later, probably when she realized that she would never again proudly clutch an orange as a Housewife. Maybe Vicki should have asked co-star, lawyer, and party planner Emily Simpson for some legal advice.

But has there been a peaceful resolution to this toxic relationship? In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kelly said that she made up with Vicki during the Season 14 reunion.  “We did, yeah. I mean, I wish the best for Vicki,” Kelly shared. “I don’t want to hold onto grudges with her, but I wish Vicki the best, I really do.” So did Kelly and Vicki make amends, or just plan to be cordial? We have seen them hug it out in the past, and then go back to fighting a few minutes later.

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I guess RHOC viewers will have to wait until the reunion to see if these frenemies can forgive and move on, or if they keep trashing each other.


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