Vicki apologizes to Kelly Again

Vicki Gunvalson Withdraws Lawsuit Against Bravo & Kelly Dodd Days After Filing

Well, you gotta know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em. Unfortunately, Vicki Gunvalson needs practice in the game of life. The demoted Real Housewives of Orange County star is desperate still not clear on when to leave things alone. Even Vicki’s part time status might be too much for fans at this juncture. Viewers have been patiently waiting for Vicki to provide some sort of substance to the show, which is lacking amid stupid rumors and ungodly inappropriate displays of affection.

Vicki is trying, you guys. Trying to remain relevant. But her efforts may be futile. What Vicki does succeed in is being a complete and total hypocrite. Last week, Vicki threw a lawsuit at co-star Kelly Dodd AND producers at Bravo and NBCUniversal. She alleged Kelly made comments that could negatively impact her insurance business. Someone must have told Vicki she just dug her own grave suing Big Brother won’t get her orange back. Now it looks like Jane Roe the Vickster is backing off.

Oh, Vicki. Is her lawyer Shane Simpson or something? I’m not sure who advised Vicki to bring a case against Kelly and the bigwigs, but it was not an educated decision. On November 1st, Vicki and the chip on her shoulder filed a lawsuit regarding some remarks Kelly made on a cast trip. Kelly was being Kelly and trash-talked Vicki’s insurance empire. But hey, at least Kelly didn’t call her a pig face again. Vicki was making attempts at getting these filmed scenes edited out of the show. Bless her heart.

The backlash was exquisite swift and brutal. Social media had its way with Vicki and viewers made sure the OG was introduced to both the pot and the kettle. It must have eventually occurred to Vicki that the way to get her orange back isn’t to sue the people who write the checks. According to Us Weekly, Vicki withdrew the defamation lawsuit.

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A source close to production shared, “No scenes were edited out. Their confrontation will still be seen in an upcoming episode. And Vicki is planning to attend the reunion.” Yes, the streets were saying an active lawsuit would effectively end her chances of attending the RHOC reunion. The exact opposite of what Vicki wants.

Vicki was seeking an injunction on the airing of the episode and damages. It was then requested she pull her complaint against Bravo and NBCUniversal, but the charges against Kelly still stood. Maybe close friend Tamra Judge shared some words of wisdom about suing co-stars over shit-talking, because the case against Kelly has vanished into thin air. Cue Kelly doing a happy dance while pushing her mom down the stairs with a coke straw up her nose and simultaneously engaging in a sex train. That Kelly can multitask!

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Hopefully, this has been a lesson for Vicki. Maybe she will finally see the error of her ways and stop taking people to task for things she is guilty of. Perhaps Vicki will resolve to be a better human being and concentrate on not spreading rumors. That’s about as likely as Tamra accepting Jesus as her homeboy or Shannon STORMS Beador speaking at a normal volume.

We don’t know what’s next for the person who had a storyline revolving around cancer scamming, but Vicki herself has said she isn’t going away until Bravo fires her. Now that Bravo knows Vicki’s legal trigger finger is itchy, we have to wonder if she will get that elusive orange back after all.

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