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Tamra Judge’s Son Ryan Vieth Slams Gina Kirschenheiter After She Defended Him; Said She Caused Problems With Ex-Fiancé

Someone is having a boo-hoo moment on Real Housewives of Orange County and for once it isn’t Tamra Judge. The subject, however, is her son Ryan Vieth. It’s been kind of a Ryan-heavy season thus far on RHOC. Tamra’s eldest kid has been struggling with being a dick personal issues for quite some time.

During a recent episode, we saw Ryan visit a life coach at his mother’s suggestion. Naturally, the intimate moment was filmed and Tamra’s storyline Ryan’s perceived vulnerability was put on display. Unfortunately, the angle they were going for might not have been reached. Viewers were rubbed the wrong way by Ryan blaming his upbringing for his unemployment lack of structure. One person stuck up for Ryan, that being kiss-ass Tamra’s buddy Gina Kirschenheiter. After saying Ryan “gets a bad rap” and complimenting his parenting, Ryan had a response for Gina.

No good deed goes unpunished. Poor Gina is learning the hard way this season. When it seemed no one was on Ryan’s side, Gina stuck up for the guy. During an interview with Tamra, Ryan’s name came up and Tamra addressed his issues. Gina added to Tamra’s comments about Ryan being misunderstood, “I think [Ryan] gets a bad rap,” Gina explained. “I don’t know Ryan very well but I have hung out with him a handful of times and he’s like a really nice, sweet, polite guy… a very good dad.” Seems nice, right? Not to Ryan, he had a total meltdown and pretty much negates everything Gina said. Well, she tried.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Ryan wrote, “I see these bullsh*t articles floating around where [Gina Kirschenheiter] says that she’s hung out with me. I’ve never hung out with her ever in my life.” Oh look, it’s our old pal red flag. Ryan said, “The only times I’ve ever seen or been around her has been at parties while filming and I’ve maybe said hi or hello, that’s it.” Yes dear, and Gina suggested nothing more than that.

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Now the pièce de résistance from Ryan, “Why the f**k do these cast members continue to talk about me?” ASK YOUR MOM. Or better yet, ask Sidney Barney. He also shared, “It’s childish that I have to deal with my daughter’s mother [Sarah Rodriguez] now telling me how I am a liar, a piece of sh*t and I’ve had some sort of relationship with this woman because of some stupid f**king article these idiot bloggers put out.” Sorry dude but if the ex thinks you’re a lying piece of shit, it isn’t Gina’s fault.

Ryan rambled went on to request a retraction to Gina’s comments. That red flag is a-wavin’… “Someone needs to make a public statement and correct this bullshit because I don’t get paid enough for this f**cking sh*t!” Jan, are you okay? Is the guy with no job now complaining about getting money to stand in the background at mommy’s parties?

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All of the red flags are blowing directly in Gina’s face because Ryan messaged her. “So I see there’s a bunch of articles out there saying that you and I have hung out together,” he wrote. “When have I ever [been] around you besides the few times while filming at parties? Now I have Sarah going off on me calling me a liar and that [I’ve] hung out with you because you put out some stories about us hanging out.”

I’m sure Gina is feeling very secure right about now… He took a screenshot of the message and posted that with the caption, “Someone get [Gina’s] attention and get this bullsh*t corrected because [I’ve] never hung out with this girl ever in my life and now she’s caused bullsh*t between Sarah and I,” he demanded. Tamra, come get your child.

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This seems to warrant the words, “yikes” or “go to the panic room”, certainly far from echoing the “really nice, polite, sweet guy” sentiment Gina originally shared. She has not commented on the exchange and hopefully, she won’t. Gina might not be the best judge of character, but Ryan’s vitriolic response to her flattering remarks certainly guarantee she won’t make the same mistake again.


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