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Andy Cohen Complains About Getting Free Tickets To See Erika Jayne In ‘Chicago’ On Broadway; Age Shames Her Costars

The influencer culture will always be fascinating. Yes, it makes sense that companies want famous people to use their products and attend events to bring more eyes to a business and earn more cash. However, it’s still ironic that people who have made it big and have more than enough money to spend actually get access to so many great things for free.

Andy Cohen went to see Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne in the play Chicago on Broadway. Instead of simply complimenting Erika on her performance, he complained about getting two free tickets instead of four. Not only that, but he also age shamed Erika’s costars. What happened to the down-to-earth guy that Bravo fans “met” years ago? We miss that man.

Showbiz Cheatsheet reported that Andy dragged Erika’s Broadway play during a recent episode of his radio show. The host shared, “We went to go see Erika Jayne in Chicago. That show has been open for 20-plus years, she’s packing them in dude. The place was full and they were there for her. I was so proud of her. And she’s playing Roxie which is one of the two leads.”

That would have been the perfect point to stop. Instead, Andy remarked, “The producers of Chicago are so cheap. It was four of us, they gave us two free tickets and then they made us pay for two. Do you know how much we’re promoting Chicago in the new season of Beverly Hills Housewives? Memo to those cheap producers: You need to comp. All the PR this ratter-tatter production of Chicago….”

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If you want to be technical, it doesn’t make sense to say the network is actually “promoting” Chicago next season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. By the time the season begins, Erika’s Broadway run will be over. In fact, she’s done this month. So, it’s not as if a bunch of RHOBH viewers sare going to watch the TV show and then go to the Broadway play when Erika isn’t a part of it anymore.

Andy claims that he was “happy to pay, but it’s the principle” of asking him to pay that bothered him. What a tough life he has!

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Then, Andy crossed a line with the shade. Multiple times. Andy said, “Chicago has seen better days and no one is running to the Ambassador Theatre to see it, but people are going to see [Erika]. The cast… is old, man. It’s been going for a while and they haven’t replaced people because I guess, maybe you can’t. Roxie’s love interest… he’s well in his 50s. It’s interesting.”

Her love interest being “well in his 50s” is actually an integral part of the plot, Andy. Plus, it’s just painfully ironic that a man who has made most of his money exploiting Housewives who have found success “later in life” is actually age shaming these Broadway performers. Why would anyone make fun of someone who is talented and successful just because they hit a certain age? NOT OK. Age is just a number, especially in this scenario.

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Andy shaded the shit out of Amra-Faye Wright, the other lead in the play. She plays Velma Kelly in Chicago. Andy “joked, “She hits every move, she’s great… she’s serving AARP realness. She’s serving Activia realness but she’s good… she’s good.” What the f—- french toast? This isn’t fun shade. This is downright mean.

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