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Scheana Marie Says She Was Jealous Vanderpump Rules Showed Dayna Kathan’s Career Outside Of Show; Jealousy Unrelated To Max Boyens

It was very obvious that Scheana Marie was jealous of new Vanderpump Rules cast member Dayna Kathan. Most people assumed that was because Dayna was hooking up with Scheana’s former flame Max Boyens, but Scheana says that’s actually not the case.

She actually does admit there was some jealousy there, but it’s not for the reason that everyone (myself included) suspected.

In an episode of her podcast Scheananigans, Scheana told Ariana Madix, “I think it’s coming off so far, obviously, that I’m jealous of Dayna because she’s dating Max.”

Ariana recalled, “I even said that Scheana has no issues with anyone else that Max has hooked up with. So, it’s not about Max.” Is “it’s not about Max” the new “it’s not about the pasta”?


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Ariana emphasized to Scheana, “It’s not the hookup that’s bothering you.”

Then, Scheana went on to explain, “What was bothering me and I don’t know if I’m gonna get in trouble for saying this, but what bothered me is [that] she’s new to the show, to our group of friends, and all of a sudden, episode two you’re seeing her career, what she’s trying to do with her career on the show.”


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That’s actually a pretty valid feeling to have. Some of these people look like all they do is party and take selfies and then there are others who get to show every single business endeavor on the show. Meanwhile, we only see Scheana’s love life and affinity for crop tops. In comparison, we’ve seen a very balanced glimpse at Dayna’s life. We’ve seen her career aspirations, her love life, and even heard about her mother’s passing. Even in a couple episodes, that’s a lot more compelling content than we’ve seen from Scheana for years. I don’t blame her for being jealous. But in the producers defense, Scheana does provide consistently hilarious content when it comes to her personal life.

Ariana told Scheana, “And here we are, episode 5,000 that you’ve been on and we’ve never seen you podcasting and we’ve never seen your show in Vegas, that was a success. We’ve never seen you buying your home in Palm Springs.” And then Scheana jumped in with some more self promotion. She made sure to mention that we’ve never seen her fitnesss line. Yes, there’s actually a fitness line with cropped hoodies that have replicas of her “It’s all happening” tattoo on the arm. And, yes, I looked.


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Ariana has similar feelings about her own portrayal on the show. She admitted, “I have been frustrating in the past at times when I feel like my existence is reduced to my relationship. I’ll see people say ‘Well, what does Ariana do besides date Tom Sandoval?’ People would know if they show what you’re working on.”

Still, Ariana did emphasize, “I think it’s amazing that they’re showing what Dayna works hard on and is passionate about.” Scheana agreed, saying, “Absolutely.” Ariana added, “I feel like that should be given to everyone, especially the women on our show.”


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Scheana remarked, “Literally, all you see about me is boy crazy Scheana who is desperate for a man and doesn’t do anything else but work at SUR.”

Then, Scheana shared that it’s not just the portrayal on the show that’s bothering her. She’s also upset that people she’s known for years supported their new friend Dayna’s career more than they’ve supported Scheana’s projects. EVER.


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Scheana shared, “So, going back to Dayna, I was not a personal thing. I was frustrated that not only was this part of her life being shown immediately, but everyone is going to support her show and you and Tom [Sandoval] and Brittany [Cartwright] are the only people who came and supported my show in Vegas.”

Scheana also acknowledged, “Yeah, I get it, it wasn’t around the corner, but almost every person in our friend group was in Vegas during those five months I was doing the show.”


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