Cary Deuber Thinks Brandi Redmond Started Gay Rumor About Her Husband; Wouldn’t Return To Real Housewives Of Dallas Because Of The Current Cast

I’m not gonna lie, I’m still pretty shocked that Real Housewives of Dallas alums Cary Deuber and LeeAnne Locken are such good friends after the very rocky start to their relationship. Among other things, LeeAnne put Cary’s husband Mark Deuber on blast and claimed that he got his d*ck sucked at a gay bar. And better yet that she “knows the boys who did it.”

Yet, here they are on great terms. Somehow. Cary even showed up during RHOD Season 4 to co-host of LeeAnne’s many pre-wedding events. It says a lot that Cary was able to forgive LeeAnne after starting and spreading that rumor. But, maybe it’s not too crazy since Cary doesn’t actually think that LeeAnne is the origin of that drama.

During a recent interview for the Everything Iconic With Danny Pellegrino podcast, Cary and Mark dished on the gay rumors. Danny asked Cary, “What’s the relationship like with LeeAnne now after all of that stuff?”

Cary shared, “If you want to hold onto bad shit in life, it pulls you down. So, for me, I handled it with grace and integrity and I let it go. You know what, that’s served me. I think in life, you need to do what’s best for yourself and also your family and your children.” Good for her, but let’s get to the juicy stuff.


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Cary continued, “We have a good relationship now. To be honest, I think the gay thing was started by Brandi [Redmond], to be real clear.” She didn’t share any proof about her suspicions and she did emphasize “this is my opinion.”

The RHOD alum shared, “If you watch that season, Brandi was in the car with LeeAnne on her way to the surgery center, where LeeAnne got her botched tits done by the OBGYN.”


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She recalled, “Brandi is in the car ride and she is egging her on, I think. You only see what you see. I wasn’t there, but I feel like that didn’t just come out of thin air.” And this prompted Danny to ask, “So you hate Brandi?”

Cary told him, “No, no, I don’t hate anyone. I wish her well and her dead bunny and whatever the fuck else. That’s a thin storyline.” THE SHADE. But, also the accuracy. That really was a thin storyline. Can Bravo just stop with all the over-the-top pet funerals on these shows?


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Talking about the current state of the show, Cary declared, “Now, it’s just like a random group of people that don’t really know each other that well and that doesn’t play.” And, of course, this prompted Danny to ask, “Would you ever go back? Are you interested in going back?”

Cary claimed, “You know what, actually, right now, I would not go back with the cast the way that it is. I wouldn’t.” Danny asked if Cary “hated them all” and Cary said, “No, I don’t hate them all.” She clarified, “Yeah, I hate some of them. I think some of them are sucky pieces of shit.” She didn’t actually name anyone, but you can sort of figure it out based on process of elimination.


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Cary shared, “I mean, I love Kam [Westcott]. She’s one of my good friends. Kary [Brittingham], I cast. I haven’t really talked to her that much.” And Mark interrupted, advising his wife, “Let’s just leave it right there.” Which she did, but Danny kept looking for tea.

Danny commented, “Wait. I’m confused about Kary. So, the new Kary, you were your connection and they even said on the show ‘this is Cary’s friend,’ but you weren’t on the show. It was weird.” Very weird. Talk about a random addition to the cast.


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Based on the people she didn’t mention, I can’t help wondering if this means that Cary has issues with D’Andra Simmons and angel on earth Stephanie Hollman? Totally get the D’Andra thing since Cary seems close to LeeAnne, but why would anyone have issues with Stephanie? Then again, Cary is good friends with Kam (who has feuded with Steph) and she shaded the shit out of Brandi in this interview. And we all know Brandi and Stephanie are BFF’s.


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