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Peter Thomas Seemingly Shades Cynthia Bailey On Instagram

Cynthia Bailey has long since moved past her marriage and divorce with Peter Thomas. This season of Real Housewives of Atlanta has even featured her getting engaged to new love, Mike Hill. I’m still on the fence about Mike. But, one thing I can say for sure is that I like him a whole lot more than Peter.

Let me explain. Cynthia and Peter never seemed like a good match to me. Peter was too fiery, too temperamental for our passive Cynthia. Her family hated him so much that they almost sabotaged their wedding. The only castmate that seemed to like him (for a bit) was NeNe Leakes and that ended in her calling him a “bitch.” There was just so much fighting between Cynthia and Peter over money and the ill-fated Bar One that it made me cringe. Then came the inevitable cheating rumors. While he was still married to Cynthia, Peter was busted on camera inappropriately touching a woman who wasn’t his wife, leading Cynthia to skip his daughter’s wedding. Nothing about the couple made me think they would last. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who saw their divorce coming from a mile away.

So I think it’s safe to see that we, the collective viewers and fans, have moved on from Peter and his antics. But has Peter moved on from Cynthia? In a recent Instagram post, Peter posted some shade and it’s led more than a few of us wondering if that might be directed at Cynthia. In his post, Peter posted a plain black background with white text. It said, “God removes people from your life because he heard conversations that you didn’t hear” and ends with “Amen”.

Seems pretty innocuous but he captioned the pic, “So STOP talking about me, because I don’t talk about you, focus on yourself.” It’s been said by Cynthia that Peter didn’t congratulate her on her engagement but I really didn’t think there was still bad blood between them. We know her ex Leon Robinson is a true gem but aside from their unusual relationship, I don’t know many who would call their ex to congratulate them on their next engagement. So I didn’t think that fact seemed out of the ordinary.


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But back to the matter at hand. Why do we think Peter is throwing some shade at Cynthia? Well, the last episode of RHOA featured Kenya Moore getting blindsided by a divorce announcement from Marc Daly. Cynthia and Kandi Burruss rushed to her side to offer her support and Cynthia mentioned her experience of being in a bad marriage. Cynthia alluded to an inappropriate situation happening behind her back after hearing from Kenya that Marc was texting an ex.

Peter’s post appeared the day after the episode aired. As a result, the comments section blew up and pointed to beef with Cynthia. I always thought Peter liked being on the show a little too much. I’m not shocked he is likely still watching and has something to say about it.


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