Katie Maloney Says She Didn’t Exclude Kristen Doute From Wine Night As A “Personal Dig” Against Her; Kristen Says It Was “Childish & Cruel”

Yes, we all know that Kristen Doute isn’t the most rational person on Vanderpump Rules. Then again, who really is? Still, it’s so sad to see her excluded from cast events. Katie Maloney invited every woman with a pulse that lives in West Hollywood to girls’ wine night. Except for Kristen.

The extra salt in this wound? The night was all about drinking wine while Kristen, Katie, and Stassi Schroeder were at odds over their wine line. Katie invited Charli Burnett, who I think is hilarious, but she and Katie have zero relationship. Katie even invited Raquel Leviss, whose boyfriend she had been feuding with for years.

Kristen and Katie reflected on the snub (separately) during a recent appearance on the Vanderpump Rules after show. Kristen said what many viewers thought: “It’s so purposely mean and cruel and f*cking stupid and childish.”

Kristen rambled, “It’s one thing to have wine night with some of your friends and even with some of the new girls at SUR. But, to literally invite people you literally don’t even like that you purposely hate and leave me out when I live five blocks from you, I just think it’s like really childish. That’s where I stand.” No one could blame her for feeling this way.


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However, Katie maintains her innocence, of course. Katie claimed, “It wasn’t supposed to be any dig at Kristen. It was just timing. Sorry.” Yeah, I’m sure Katie is so sorry.

Katie continued, “I can’t put my life on hold because I’m not friends with Kristen. I can’t be like ‘I can’t do any girl activities because I’m not hanging out with Kristen Doute and I don’t want her to take everything I do as a personal dig.’ I need to be able to still conduct my life and do things accordingly.” Such a martyr.


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