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Erika Jayne Says Denise Richards Sent Cease & Desist Letter To Co-Stars & Bravo; Slams Denise’s Husband Aaron Phypers For Getting Involved In Drama

We are so close to the next season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills I can taste it! We even got to see the new taglines this week. Season 10 premieres April 15th to be exact and I think people’s anticipation of the show is mixed. Some think the show will be nothing but a snoozefest without Lisa Vanderpump. Let’s face it, last season wasn’t exactly interesting once Lisa was done filming with the rest of the cast. But some just really need some classic housewives entertainment to get their mind off troubling times. Finally, there are those die hard fans who are pumped (too soon?) for another season of the popular and opulent franchise.

So what category do I fall into? The one where there is drama and preferably, one where everyone puts their cards out on the table. I have to admit, I haven’t enjoyed the lack of transparency in the last few seasons. If Kyle Richards’ husband Mauricio Umansky is getting sued for $32 million, I want to hear about it! And if Dorit Kemsley is really in deep financial doo doo, I want to hear about that too. We all know that husband PK Kemsley has been in the media (and called out by Camille Grammer) for owing people money for some time now. Let’s not pretend, folks.

One housewife that won’t get off so easy is Denise Richards. The rumors are swirling that season 10 drama revolves around Brandi Glanville claiming that the two had a sexual relationship while Denise is married to husband, Aaron Phypers. Brandi even spoke out about it in a massive tweet storm a few months ago. Denise, for her part, has denied the rumors. But despite Aaron not saying a peep about all this, he too is being dragged into this mess now by Erika Jayne of all people. Things look more than a little heated between them in the trailer for the new season.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Erika dishes on Brandi and Denise’s feud, and Aaron’s involvement in the drama. She says, “I mean, I would prefer it if husbands stayed out of the women’s drama, I really do. I think every woman is smart enough, bright enough and intelligent enough to work out her own things within the group. I think when men come in, oftentimes, they feel like they’re protecting their wife. When, at least in our group, it actually in some ways makes it worse. That’s my personal opinion.”


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Erika continues, “I think it makes it worse. And then all of the sudden it just changes the whole tone. It changes the whole tone.”

As for Denise, Erika thinks that she has “gotten herself into a strange place here”. It’s worth noting that in the trailer, it’s teased that Denise sent a cease and desist letter to try and shut down the talk of her personal life. Erika says of the move, “Let me say this — I’m gonna go on the record — sending a cease and desist to [the network and your co-stars], that’s like trying to break the house in Vegas. The house always wins. Don’t be stupid. Save your money.” Can someone please get the memo to PK


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With all that said, Erika says the ball is in Denise’s court as to what will happen next. How does the rest of the cast feel about all this? We don’t know but I’m going to be anxiously watching to find out.


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