Vanderpump Rules Alum Billie Lee “Jax Taylor Was Coming On To Me In Front Of The Camera. But Off-Camera, He Made It Clear That Being Trans Is Gross”

The Vanderpump Rules kids (and by kids I mean middle-aged adults) are at it again! As fans cry for Jax Taylor to be fired and he is dropped from an eye-wear company deal… not even Lance Bass could stop from announcing ending his business with Jaxy-poo. This is the same couple of week that Stassi Schroeder  confirms her pregnancyStassi and Kristen Doute are fired from VPR, and we get to finally end this miserable season of the show.

Are you keeping up? Good. If you have been watching Vanderpump Rules for a while (and I assume you have because no one would stick around if this was their first season), then you remember Billie Lee. For those of you who somehow don’t know, Billie is a transgender cast-member of seasons past. She is best known for her activism, attempted education of this ignorant AF cast, and getting into an epic screaming match with Lala Kent. Specifically, she tried (and was shut down) to speak to Stassi about her problematic podcast statements on the show. She’s been commenting on the lack of VPR diversity since before it was cool. Also, she had sex with a ghost. Iconic.

Come along on a journey. In her first episode, we were introduced to Billie at Vanderpump’s Pride event. She gave a wonderful speech about acceptance and being true to oneself. After that, it was all downhill with how this awful cast treated her. Page Six reported that Billie claims, Jax and a lot of people were very kind to me on Pride when I first met them and in front of the cameras,” in fact, she claims that, “he was almost coming on to me.”

Jax coming on to a woman he just met? I mean it’s hardly news. But wait! Billie continued explaining her experience saying, “When the cameras were off later that day, he told me a story about how he hung out with a girl and kissed her and found out she was a dude and it grossed him out and made it clear that he’s not into that.” Wow Jax. Good story. Is this what you tell all the women you just meet?  **eyeroll**


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Billie continued saying, “And so for me, I was very like, ‘Oh, 360. Like, you’re coming on to me in front of the camera. But off-camera, you’re making it clear that being trans is gross and you are not down for that.’” Well, we know our girl doesn’t stand for this kind of S-H-I-T. She claims she “tried to correct him” about using the appropriate terminology regarding the trans community, but Jax “would be annoyed by it.” JAX?!?! Annoyed by LEARNING?!?! You mean the guy who “gave up” a “hockey career” to be a “bartender” didn’t want to change? Weird. 

Non-surprisingly Billie shared, “He just wasn’t having it. He just was very much keeping his distance. He just did not want me around.” Jax not wanting to be around a hot single woman?…you do the math. Supposedly Jax even spread a rumor that Billie and happily partnered Tom Sandoval were secretly hooking up. Like what!? 


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Billie said, Tom was sticking up for me as a trans woman and trying to put Jax in his place.” After that mess she shared that a producer told her Jax “didn’t want to risk his career” over accidentally offending her or any transgender viewers. SO HOW ABOUT LISTEN WHEN THE TRANS ACTIVIST TRIES TO KINDLY EDUCATE YOU ON TERMINOLOGY!!??!?!?!?!? Ughhhhhhhh 

Instead, Billie shared, “He said, ‘Yeah, I didn’t want you around because I don’t want everything I worked hard for to be taken away. We shouldn’t have to tippytoe around Billie because she’s trans.'” EXCUSE ME!?! I am sorry for the yelling but this dude. I can’t. Everything he worked hard for? Isn’t he the idiot who doesn’t know how to make drinks on a freakin bartender centric show?? Like WHAT!?!!


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Listen up, if you don’t want to be on a show with a diverse cast with regards to race, sexual orientation, or, I don’t know, brains, maybe get out of that bar in WeHo. Go make beer cheese and ride around on your electric cooler and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. I am so over this guy. Happy Pride Month everyone! <3


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