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Brittany Cartwright’s Best Friend Defends Jax Taylor, Kristen Doute & Stassi Schroeder Amid Accusations Of Racism, Transphobia & Homophobia

The Vanderpump Rules saga continues. After Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, Max Boyens, and Brett Caprioni were fired for racist behavior, who is next?

Hmmm. Maybe two people who had a homophobic pastor for their wedding controversy?. Indeed, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright aren’t exactly known for being stand up people. Jax was even part of the Faith Stowers attempted takedown that Stassi and Kristen were fired for. Also, he tweeted out a false accusation that she committed grand theft auto and went AWOL from the military. Neither are true, just like 99% of what Jax says.

Now, fans are calling for Jax to be fired from the show. So these two are working overtime to get some character witnesses on their side.

Brittany’s best friend, Zack Wickham, took to Instagram to write out a lengthy post that literally no one asked for. In the post, he defends Jax. According to Zach, Jax “embraces everyone no matter their sexual preference, color of their skin or gender identity.” Sure, Zack!

People reports that Zack considers Jax the “perfect TV villain and admits that he’s “done some bad things.” Still, Zack feels “there’s a big difference between being a controversial person on tv and an ass on twitter, than being accused of being a racist, homophobic and transphobic.” Yeah, well tell that to Faith and Billie Lee. Oh and the millions that have been watching the show and have seen otherwise.


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Zack begins his post by sayin, “I’ve known Jax Taylor since he started dating my best friend Brittany Cartwright. And I will say, there is no one quite like him. He makes you laugh, he makes you angry, he can be stubborn as hell (along with every other emotion) all at the same time.”

Zack, who is gay, continues, “These accusations are completely and utterly untrue. Jax has been one of my closest friends and allies for years now. He fully supports who I am and never once offended me due to my sexuality. He embraces everyone no matter their sexual preference, color of their skin or gender identity.”


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He goes on to address Billie Lee. She said that Jax “refused to film with me because I was trans and called him out on his white cis privilege.” Zack says, “Billie Lee and Jax were friends and actually hung out there for a while when she first got on the show. Nobody ever had a problem with Billie. Everyone was cool with her and open to hearing her story, celebrating her and amplifying her voice. Jax NEVER once refused to film with her because she is trans. That is a blatant lie,” he wrote. Zack alleges that Billie Lee “didn’t add much drama or fun to the show, so she ultimately resorted to trying to stir up drama by insinuating that the cast is transphobic, which again is not even remotely true.”

As for Faith, Zack has excuses feelings on that too. After Jax cheated on Brittany, he tweeted in 2017 that Faith  was “wanted by the police”. Faith has also accused Brittany of making a racially incentive comment towards her. Brittany has since denied that claim, saying, “She knows I don’t have a racist bone in my body.”


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Referring to Faith, Zack says, “She was our close friend (even after Bravo didn’t have her film anymore) we as a group still hung out with her.” Zack claims, “Then Faith intentionally went after Jax to get together with him (and clearly was doing it for press). She did it to try to have a storyline to get back on the show. I mean, she recorded the whole thing without Jax’s knowledge so that she could have undeniable proof. She also never attempted to apologize for her actions to Brittany or make amends with anyone from the group.”

He goes on, “I am in disbelief as to the claims Faith is now making. She is spinning this to make it seem like she was shunned by the group and Jax was forgiven (which by the way took months and a total character change on his part).”


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As for Stassi and Kristen, Zack has thoughts on them too. He says, “[Faith] is also making it seem that Stassi and Kristen orchestrated this ordeal as if they went after to frame her. A friend of Kristen’s came to her and said Faith was the girl in that DailyMail photo and had actually done those alleged crimes.”

“Then after some research it matched an article Kristen had seen online about a robbery at an ATM. Logan Noh, our friend, said Faith was wearing a jacket that she had taken from him in the picture in the article,” he said. “None of what Stassi and Kristen did was intentionally racially motivated.” Zack continues, “The implications of calling the police on people of color is an issue that this country is just finally addressing a major problem.”


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Zack also believes that Stassi and Kristen “didn’t call without facts from an outside source. They didn’t call just to frame her or due to the color of her skin.” He further defends Kristen saying, “Kristen is one of the most generous and kind humans I know. She has never said or insinuated anything racist online or on a podcast. We call her ‘Detective Doute’ because she will get to the bottom of anything. Her recent book launch fell on Blackout Tuesday and she chose not to promote it, not even once. She didn’t want to pull focus from the Black Lives Matter cause because she truly believes in it and wants to make a difference.”

Zack admits that many will think his opinion is “skewed or unreliable” due to his relationship with everyone. But he explains that he has held his friends, “accountable for their actions.”


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“There are plenty of times in the past I have gone after Jax and called him out for his actions or words in different situations. Whenever Stassi made beyond cringe worthy comments on her podcast in the past, she and I then did another podcast together where I explained white privilege and why her comments needed to be checked,” he said. “Yes, she has made mistakes and I know she will continue to grow and learn from them.”

Zack goes on to explain that his reason for inserting himself. He says he hopes to convey that “these are individuals that you can easily forget are real people too and are essentially ‘growing up’ on national television and in the public eye. They all have grown and have learned over the better part of a decade,” he said, “and that is what I feel is the greatest thing about reality tv.”


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“I believe wholeheartedly in holding people accountable for any and all forms of discrimination. But I also believe in giving people the opportunity to realize their mistakes and take true responsibility and take action instead of immediately jumping to this cancel culture,” Zack shared.


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