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It’s no secret that Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent has an inflated sense of self these days. First, she wants to join the cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And now, Lala wants Megan Fox’s role in a movie. Yes, you read that correctly.

With her producer/director fiancé Randall Emmett wrapped around her finger, it’s a wonder we haven’t seen Lala in more films. But according to Randall, it’s not personal. It’s just business.

During an interview with People, Lala and Randall addressed the possible conflicts of interest of their personal and professional relationships. “I think with some of the films that he does, I’ve proven myself to be able to hold my own in certain situations,” Lala explains. “As far as Axis Sally, when that role came to be where it was opposite Al Pacino, I had to really fight hard for that. I had to prove myself. That wasn’t something that was just handed over.”

Right. Because I’m sure even if Lala wasn’t engaged to Randall, that she totally would have landed a role opposite one of the greatest actors of all time. “And there are sometimes where I read and Randall’s like ‘you know, it’s not a great fit.’ And I can’t take it personally.”


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I am glad to hear that she has some consideration for Randall’s success in the film industry. After all, if Randall’s films don’t do well, she might have to kiss the private jet lifestyle goodbye. “And the truth is, it’s always a creative business first,” Randall explains. “I’m a big supporter obviously on a personal level. But on a business level, she’s a really, really good actor and she earns her, you know, what she does. And I make her go up with the director and read and do all that. And there have been movies that she didn’t end up doing, and there are movies that fit perfect.”

I’m sure Lala does have to read for the miniscule roles that she does get. But let’s be real. Every waiter and bartender in Los Angeles wants to be an actor. They’re not landing roles opposite of Al Pacino. Lala is getting these opportunities in the first place because of Randall.


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How could we forget how these two got together in the first place? Randall was casting for a movie when he met Lala at Sur. Lala then “let him hit it the first night” and viola! Lala starred in Randall’s film The Row a few months later. I guess, technically, that counts as earning it. Right?

“Like the film he’s doing right now, that he’s directing, I wanted Megan Fox’s role so bad. And Randall was like, before Megan came in to play, I was like ‘please let me read for this.’ And he pitched it to someone, and they were like ‘we have no interest in that.’ They wanted a Megan Fox type person, which obviously I would want Megan Fox to be in my film as well. Things like that do happen to me a lot.”


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I personally would have loved to hear the conversation between Randall and Lala when he told her that they had no interest in her. Maybe if she takes some more acting classes with Scheana Marie, Lala can work her way up to the Megan Fox level of movie stars. “We’re talking movies that the relationship is put on the back burner, and it’s all about the business,” Lala continues.

I’m sure Lala and Randall want to maintain their boujee lavish lifestyle. And if they want to do that, they should separate Randall’s business and their relationship. At least Lala is a good sport about being beat out for a role by Megan Fox.


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