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Real Housewives Of New York Star Sonja Morgan Gets Kicked Out Of Gay Bar In Philadelphia Instead Of Attending BravoCon

Where are Sonja Morgan’s 36 interns when she needs them? The Real Housewives of New York star might need a permanent handler. To go with a permanent driver. Followed by a permanent accountant. Combine all of them together and perhaps Sonja could become one responsible adult. Sonja used to be known for a good smokey eye and updo while yachting with Puff Daddy en route to Gstaad. The past few years we have known Sonja to be… kinda drunky.

Far be it from me to scold Sonja’s alcohol habits, but she seems to bring attention to her penchant for vodka sodas to the majority of filmed events. Sonja is not new to having a good time but it has gotten out of hand once or twice. In 2010, she was arrested for a DWI. In 2014 Sonja showed up to a cabaret show quite messy and managed to insult the guest performer. Speaking of cabaret, who can forget when Sonja’s dress tried to run away during a drunken performance with Luann de Lesseps. We won’t even talk about last season’s Miami, where a butler is now living under an assumed name, after dealing with Drunk Sonja. Well, Sonja’s fling with alcohol continues, this time in Philadelphia. It’s safe to say all is not well in the Gayborhood.

Sonja, honey, eat some carbs before you drink! Have a plate of mashed potatoes or basket of fries. Allow your body to embrace the spirits, not become possessed by them! Even after numerous lessons, Sonja is still in the learning phase. I’m not saying she has an alcohol problem, but her actions aren’t providing a firm case for denial. Sonja has given viewers MANY opportunities to witness her shenanigans with cocktails. Remember the Berkshires? Now our girl has done it again, because, Sonja.

According to Page Six, Lady Martini Morgan tried to bring the party to Philly. Then the party asked her to leave. Oops. Sonja said about the event, “I was with friends who were singing at the piano, like we do at the Townhouse [in New York], and the piano player said, ‘Remove her!’” Is it possible Sonja thought she was at the Townhouse? Do all piano bars look the same with gin goggles?

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Sonja was tossed out of the Philly piano bar in an area known as the “Gayborhood”. After what I can only assume was a rousing rendition of Hello Dolly!, it was Goodbye Sonja! She apparently began crying and moaning, “They shit on me!” Hey, does anybody have some coffee for this nice lady? I have seen some things go down in a gay bar. You have to be acting like a complete tool bag to get kicked out.

Poor Sonja still has no clue why she was asked to leave, but hopefully she at least kept her legs crossed like the figure of high society she is. Sonja did confess maybe the piano player got mad because she touched his microphone. Yes, sometimes the owner of equipment required to be close to one’s mouth doesn’t like to have stranger danger fingers all over it. Sonja shared, “I don’t know what the etiquette is, but I noticed [the previous singer] just sang into it with no hands.” Note to Luann, get started on a new book! The Drunk Guide To Piano Bar Etiquette will surely be on shelves by next year.

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Apparently the incident brought Sonja to tears. No word on if the audience subjected to Hello Dolly! was also crying. Sonja said, “I felt slighted by the piano player,” but her crew took her drunk ass out moved on to other locations. Despite the lack of love from Piano Man, Sonja shared, “We had a blast. I love Philly.” But, why was she in Philly anyway? She should have been in New York City for BravoCon along with her fellow Bravolebrities.

Sonja was asked the name of the establishment where the dismissal took place and she claims not to remember. Somewhere out there, a piano player just wants people to leave his microphone alone. But never fear, Sonja will rise another day to cry, lose her clothing, kiss random females have her moment on a stage and maybe a drink or two.

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