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Naomie Olindo Speaks Out About Leaving Southern Charm; Confirms Strained Relationship With Kathryn Dennis

As we patiently wait for Southern Charm to return to our screens I guess we can at least be thankful that this crew just keeps bringing the drama off-camera as well. Thomas Ravenel has a fresh ex-girlfriend he made a whole new baby with. Please don’t forget his history of arrests and sexual harassment claims! Meanwhile, his ex-ex-ex-(?) Kathryn Dennis has a new man. Word on the street is Kathryn is also being sued by her former image consultant. You know, after she was under-fire for her use of the monkey emoji when DMing with a black radio host.

Wow, for a show built on old money and family names this sure is a day-time court TV show waiting to happen. Let’s not forget that Craig Conover and Austen Kroll have been seen out several times maskless. Who wouldn’t want to stick around and hang out with these guys? Maybe like,  Naomie Olindo and her hot new doctor boyfriend?

So yea, Naomie is the latest cast-member to jump off the scene. Same with Cameran Eubanks who left what feels like forever ago. After joining the show as Craig’s girlfriend in Season 3, Naomie became a star in her own right. Page Six reported on her the Skinny Confidential podcast appearance. Naomie said, “I’m so thankful for what the show gave me because it does open a lot of doors and there are a lot of advantages.” Naomie added, “Then it comes a time when the good doesn’t outweigh the bad anymore where it’s time to walk away.”

I mean really, what good has come out of the show recently? They had to get rid of an accused rapist but yet brought back his aggressive, insignificant, and plain awful ex- for drama the next season. I almost forgot to mention useless Shep Rose who is so unlikeable Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor literally called him the worst guest at their wedding. Need I say more?


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Naomie added about her departure, “Personally I feel like I walked away at a time that was right for me and that’s how Cam and Chelsea [Meissner] feel too and you know other people that aren’t ready to walk away and want to keep doing it, that’s their prerogative and I’m very supportive of that. I still love most of the people on there.” Yeesh, really? This freak show? Okay.

But Naomie didn’t stop there. She does list one former cast member she’s not so tight with saying, “I mean I feel kind of bad saying, but I think I can say I have a strained relationship with Kathryn because I struggle with her filming strategy I guess.” She finished her thought,  “I have a relationship with pretty much everybody, except for Kathryn I would say.” Filming STRATEGY?! I must know more…and Naomie didn’t disappoint…


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The now free Naomie added, “People will strategize, and once it starts getting to that point, it can get so toxic. When it reaches that level where some people just have nothing to lose and are willing to sing for their supper and do whatever it takes, whether that’s trying to ruin your marriage or your relationship or say something about your children, it’s just too much and, personally for me, I can’t be in that because it makes me depressed.” Right!? These people are some of the thirstiest nastiest people I think we have ever seen. Don’t let the caftans and butlers fool you. Or the trust funds and men with side-parts. They’re trash, and not the fun kind.


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In the end, Naomie teased some new cast members, including her friend, Leva Bonaparte.


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