James Kennedy, Raquel Leviss, & Danica Dow Defend Lisa Vanderpump Amid Claims She Doesn’t Pay Employees

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills OG Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd are being sued by a former (and super short-lived) employee (who worked there for months) for unpaid wages… again. If you recall, another former employee sued the couple with similar claims in January 2020.

It’s been a rough time with the restaurants for the entrepreneurial couple. Lisa expressed concerns that her restaurants will close amid the coronavirus pandemic. And, then, Villa Blanca shut down, but, apparently, that has more to do with a lease ending than anything else… supposedly. Although things seem to be tough on the business front, some of the Vanderpump Rules cast members have Lisa’s back in response to the latest lawsuit against her and Ken.

James Kennedy quoted a tweet about the lawsuit and tweeted, “I’ve always taken a break when I wanted and have always gotten paid the correct amount. Even looking back since I was a bus boy it was legit and fair. Been at at sur for years now.” In response, Lisa tweeted, “Thanks darling…too true,stay safe…hard times.”

Raquel Leviss stood up for LVP and Ken as well, tweeting, “This is so ridiculous… Since working as a waitress at SUR for two years have always taken a break when I’ve wanted one and always gotten paid fairly. It has never been an issue. This lawsuit just doesn’t seem right to me.”


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A viewer tweeted Raquel, “To be fair, is it possible you’re treated differently as a cast member of the show, and not just an average employee? ([just so you know] I adore you, and I’m in no way saying you’re experience isn’t true).” In response, Raquel said, “It might seem like I would be treated differently but I PROMISE you that is not the case. When clocking in for work my co-workers and managers treated me the same as any employee and I received the same hourly rate. The only special treatment I got was from the tables I waited on”

Even Danica Dow, who is this generation’s Kristen Doute (in regard to being at odds with Lisa, not the other controversial matters), defended Lisa and Ken. Danica tweeted, “This isn’t true. I’ve never personally been, or even heard of, anybody not being paid.”


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A hater tweeted Danica, “Ummm but… you don’t know everyone who has ever worked there, do you! crikey you’re not too bright are ya!?” In response, Danica said, “Babe I’ve worked at “sur for 3 years now lol. This girl who is making these claims worked there for 3 months, whom I’ve written up twice for her horrible behavior/work ethic. But believe what you want! The truth anyways comes out.”



[Photo Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images]