Below Deck Mediterranean Alum Kiko Lorran Doesn’t Blame Hannah Ferrier For Failed Vegas Meal; Explains Why He Warned Hannah About Bugsy Drake

I’m just going to come out and say it – I’m a Kiko Lorran stan. I’m not sorry either. It’s rare that someone comes onto Below Deck Mediterranean with such a sweet appeal. He’s friendly, thoughtful and well, adorable. Am I right, friends?

But sadly, it just wasn’t meant to be. Captain Sandy Yawn landed herself on my forever shit list when she fired him. I guess Sandy has a short memory because this is the same man who pulled out a 72-plate dinner. Either way, Sandy decided to find a new chef, leaving me everyone heartbroken.

Since we all love Kiko, fans were quick to place the blame on Chief Stew, Hannah Ferrier, for the Vegas-themed meal debacle. Kiko has already made it clear that no one else should be blamed, but it looks like he wants to make that crystal clear in case anyone is still wondering. He recently spoke with Decider about what went down.

When asked if he regrets taking Hannah’s advice about food ideas for the Vegas dinner, Kiko said, “No, I put that totally on me. You know why? It’s because she was trying to help. She saw I was lost. She saw I was already questioning myself. I didn’t have any, like, ‘What the hell? I’ve never been to Vegas. What is Vegas?’ That was my mistake.”


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He continued, “I’m the chef. In a chef position, you should decide if you’re going to do it. I should listen to myself. That’s why I’m saying, the biggest lesson of the show was like, do not listen to people anymore. Just do what is in my mind. If it’s bad in the end, at least it was in my mind. It’s not someone’s opinion or someone’s idea. I put it on me. She was just trying to help.”

Kiko recounted just how Hannah tried to help him out of what was an inevitable food debacle, “She said to me, ‘Kiko, Sandy is coming to me so be careful with her.’ But she said, ‘I want to help you, honey. So do this and that.’ Alright, but this will look like very shitty food.”


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He admitted, “When I finished, I knew it was shit. Those nachos, I’m sorry, those were horrible. I didn’t have the right cheese. I don’t want to complain, but that was horrible.” Poor Kiko!

Speaking of horrible, Kiko might have shit nachos but one thing he does have is a good sense about others. He’s the one who told Hannah to keep an eye on her previous season nemesis and new Second Stew, Bugsy Drake. As a side note, I’m still annoyed she slithered her way back on to this season.


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About the warning and his friendship with Hannah, Kiko said, “I told Hannah that because I don’t like this on a crew or a work group. I don’t know if Bugs really meant that because we never spoke about this after the show. That felt a little bit like, you don’t need to order limes, I felt like that’s not nice. You were hired as a second, so still do your job as a second. I don’t think that’s right in a workplace and that’s why I told Hannah. It could be any person. Even a person that I don’t like. I would say because I don’t think that’s fair.” Swoon. What a good friend. I don’t even care if his nachos are shit.

He added, “Hannah, since I met her, I just felt something that I usually feel with my best friends. Just from the moment I said hi. I’ve never watched the show before, so I don’t know what was her relationship with other people. Since I met her, our conversations were nice. We laugh, we make jokes. Just good. She’s a good person. I like her. We’re still friends after the show.”


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While I will miss him on Below Deck Med, here’s hoping Kiko is on to bigger and better things. Hold the nachos.


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