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Below Deck OG Captain Lee Rosbach Says Bosun And Chef Don’t Outrank Chief Stew In Midst Of Drama With Hannah Ferrier And Malia White

The Below Deck Mediterranean drama spilled over from the most recent episode onto social media. Fans are livid with Malia White for sneaking into the bathroom to take photos of Hannah Ferrier’s prescription medication. They’re also annoyed with Malia for demanding that everyone on the boat switches up their living situations for the final two weeks of the season because her boyfriend Tom Checketts stepped in as the chef after our beloved Kiko Lorran was fired. And Malia had the nerve to call Hannah “unprofessional” because she couldn’t sleep without her boyfriend for two weeks. Meanwhile, Bugsy Drake didn’t want to live with Hannah either.

However, Captain Sandy Yawn just sided with teacher’s pet Malia and her man Tom, making an announcement on the radio that Malia will get her way with the cabin arrangements- even though it’s HANNAH’S JOB to assign cabins. Meanwhile, it got completely glossed over that Tom was “on his way to visit a sick family member,” just happened to have his knives with him, and Kiko just happened to be fired. Now, Tom is sticking around for the rest of the season.

This whole snafu about who got to sleep where brought up a discussion of ranks on the boat, which Below Deck OG Captain Lee Rosbach chimed in about via tweet. In a now-deleted tweet, shared by a fan account called belowdeckmedbravo, Captain Lee wrote, “Uh, sorry but the bosun doesn’t outrank the Chief Stew, check the stripes and the Chef doesn’t out rank the chief stew.” This means that Hannah outranks Malia for sure.

Captain Lee explained, “they may be equal, and on some giga yachts the Chef is under the chief stew and the purser. Just wanted to give you the correct info.” So, Tom and Hannah might have an equal rank on the boat, but he did not outrank her… despite Captain Sandy’s blatant favortism.


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Hannah quoted that tweet and added, “Funny… I guess that must have just been on our boat….”


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In response to a fan who asked why he deleted his tweet explaining the ranking system, Captain Lee explained, “I took it down because some people were interpreting it as me taking sides, which I don’t do. I was responding to someone who did not have the chain of command correct. I would never second guess Capt Sandy as she has to make decisions real time, only she is privy to all the info.” Such a standup guy. Nevertheless, screenshots live forever, man.

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