Real Housewives Of New York Season Finale Recap: Viva La Dysfunction

Say it isn’t so! The Real Housewives Of New York are finishing out their 12th season. I already miss them. This hasn’t been the best season by any means, but it had it’s standout moments. The most notable event of the season was the perfect casting of Leah McSweeney. She fit into the group so quickly and thrived even after her friend Tinsley Mortimer walked away.

Dorinda Medley has been fueled by anger all season, and this finale won’t be any different. She supposedly loses her cool on everyone at the mere mention of Tinsley. What bothers her so much about Tinsley? Dorinda didn’t even care for the poor girl. Let her run off and chase love and leave her be. The group has been getting more fed up with Dorinda’s anger each episode. It’s not too surprising this will be her final season.

Luann De Lesseps Real Housewives Of New York

Thank you Luann de Lesseps for blessing our lives with yet another Countess single. She’s working with people who are arguably way too big of a deal for her. I won’t lie though. I’m frequently blasting her hits. Feeling Jovani gets me so pumped.

All of that being said, this new track sounds highly underwhelming. This won’t be the bop like the rest of her songs. Who am I kidding? It is awful. She somehow found herself a step down from the Happy Birthday performance last week.

Dorinda is really going through the wringer these days. Her house flooded, she broke up with John Mahdessian, and now she is recovering from invasive surgery. No wonder she’s miserable lately. That’s a lot of things building up in such a short period of time.

Things feel calmer for Dorinda now though. You wouldn’t know that by the way she bites off the women’s heads every episode. Anger management is something Dorinda needs but won’t ever be willing to accept I’m afraid. I chuckled a bit when she said 2020 would be better. Besides the pandemic, it ended up being the year Bravo sent Dorinda and her fish room packing. 

I’m so proud of the personal progress Sonja has made this season. First, she finally had a successful project with her fashion line. Now, she’s redoing her home so she can sell it and let someone else take on that monstrosity. She has a big emotional attachment to it, but it’s time to let it go. It’s been draining Sonja for years. She will feel so much lighter and vibrant with this in her rear view mirror.

Leah McSweeney Real Housewives Of New York

One of the more interesting subplots of the season has been the relationship between Leah and her mother. They are bonding over building gingerbread houses together with her daughter. GOALS! It’s making my stomach growl, and I just want it to be Christmas.

It’s nice Leah and her mom are finally finding some common ground. Baby steps are good. Leah just wants her mother to be proud of her and not to judge. On the flip side, her mother has seen the way Leah behaves under the influence. That’s enough to make any mother worry about their child. Finding a way to meet in the middle and respect boundaries will do wonders for these two.

Luckily for Luann, Leah isn’t as worn out by cabaret as the other women. Give it time Leah. You’ll be just as over it as the rest of us. I love Luann, but she gets this stuck up snobby attitude when it comes to this. She really thinks she’s a global superstar.

Sonja finds a lot of Luann’s content to be dated. Can’t argue with that. Sonja also think she’s way funnier doing it than she is. It wasn’t bad though. Leah is happy Ramona Singer chose to skip the show because she can be herself. What happened to Ramona supporting other women? Did we ever believe that for a second? Ramona cares about Ramona. That’s it.

It’s great to see how far Leah and Sonja have come this season. They started out a bit rocky, but it’s really developed. Sonja is as misunderstood as they come. She just wants to have fun and fit in with everyone. She has her faults, but with people like Ramona and Dorinda on the show, she looks innocent in comparison.

Sonja Morgan Luann De Lesseps Real Housewives Of New York

OKAY HOW FUN DOES DRAG QUEEN BINGO LOOK? Leave it to Sonja to throw a party like this for our finale. It’s so over the top jut like Sonja. Her personality is all over every inch of this event.

The way the drag queens are judging Leah for not wearing heels is hysterical. She wanted comfort for the party, but she clearly didn’t think about her audience. Shame on you! Although I think her shoes look really modern with her dress. I don’t hate it by any means. However, I also would’ve been smart enough to anticipate that reaction.

Speaking of breaking rules, what was Ramona thinking bringing a random straight guy to the party? She knows Sonja. She knows that wasn’t going to sit well with her. Ramona was given clear instructions and guidelines for the party, but she doesn’t ever think the rules apply to her. In her eyes, it’s Ramona’s world, and we’re just living in it.

Why are Sonja and Luann arguing over the cabaret joke? Who even cares? It’s not even that funny in the first place. Ramona’s date has hooked up with half the Upper East Side, but who is keeping score? He doesn’t seem that into Ramona though. She’s nearly triple his ideal age range. Leah is more his style. However, there’s no way she’d be interested in someone like him. She has standards.

Dorinda is so into bingo. Like more into bingo than my grandmother and all of his gambling addict sisters combined. Someone get this woman to the casino ASAP. I feel bad for her because Ramona is such a selfish POS. For no reason at all, she knocked off all of Dorinda’s chips. She was so mesmerized by the number 69 she couldn’t help herself.

Ramona is so much more sexual than she cares to admit, and she comes with a massive double standard. It’s not okay for Leah to be sexual or talk about friends with benefits, but it’s fine for Ramona to salivate over the thought of 69. Does she not see her own hypocrisy? How was this woman born without a filter for social graces? Blows my mind year after year.

Luann treats everyone to a performance of Viva La Diva, and I want that time back. The chorus is decent, but everything before and after it is dreadful. They need to stop placating her. Tell her when it’s not good. Don’t let the “fame” go to her head.

Leah McSweeney Luann De Lesseps Real Housewives Of New York

Leah tries giving a nice little speech about being the group, and things go so far left with Dorinda. The mere mention of Tinsley’s name sends Dorinda into a tailspin. No clue why Dorinda let’s Tinsley take up some much space in her head. What is triggering this kind of spiteful anger?

Dorinda tells Leah “f**k you” and starts screaming about Tinsley almost ruining their show. Tinsley did breach the contract, but I don’t think the season was ever in any danger of not airing. Also, Dorinda should think about the role she played in Tinsley leaving for Chicago. Sure, she mostly left to follow love, but Dorinda’s heinous comments probably didn’t help matters.

There’s no reason for this aggressive behavior over Tinsley. It pisses Dorinda off even more after Sonja says she invited her to be there at the Drag Queen Bingo. What is Dorinda trying to accomplish by calling Tinsley a bitch over and over again?

She’s gone. Move on. Leah was trying to give a positive speech about bonding with the group, and Dorinda ruined the moment with her hostile freak out.

Luann takes the moment to make it all about Dorinda not showing up to her cabaret show. LIFE IS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOU AND THAT DAMN CABARET. The women are sick and tired of it. It’s been played out for three years now. If we could never hear the word cabaret again it would be too soon.

Dorinda is really going to lose her s**t next week because she will have no choice but to face Tinsley. The first in person reunion since the pandemic is finally upon us, and it’s going to be a fireworks show. It’s Dorinda’s final reunion, and she is going to go down in a blaze of insults and denial.


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