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LeeAnne Locken Says She’s Friends With Kary Brittingham; Denies Getting Fired From Real Housewives Of Dallas

Technically speaking, Real Housewives of Dallas is an ensemble show. However, all roads led back to LeeAnne Locken for the first four seasons of the show. So, how is RHOD going to fare now that LeeAnne is gone?

Now that LeeAnne is done with the Real Housewife life, she’s spilling some tea on her former castmates. And, apparently, she’s actually friends with… wait for it, Kary Brittingham, of all people. Now that is a twist that I never saw coming, especially since LeeAnne left the show following the offensive comments she made about Kary’s Mexican heritage. How on earth did these two become friends?

Before dishing on her newfound friendship with Kary, LeeAnne denied that she was fired from the show and slammed D’Andra Simmons for saying she was fired. LeeAnne’s friend Cary Deuber also said that she was fired (along with Cary herself), but LeeAnne doesn’t seem to be mad at her. Interesting.

Why would LeeAnne ever walk away from this show? Almost no one ditches Real Housewives on their own accord, except for Lisa Vanderpump and Bethenny Frankel, obviously.


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According to realhousewives franchise, LeeAnne appeared on a recent episode of the #NoFilter with Zack Peter podcast. LeeAnne claimed, “I chose to leave. I think I made that very clear in my [People magazine] exit.” Did she though?

LeeAnne said, “I was asked what I wanted to do and the reality was I couldn’t see a way to go back and be around that group.” Sure, LeeAnne.


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She continued, “I don’t know why [D’Andra]’s speaking on me. Doesn’t she have a full life?” What exactly does D’Andra have going on outside of this show? And speaking of the show, D’Andra, her whole presence on this show consisted of her interactions with LeeAnne and her problems with Mama Dee. What storyline will she have next season?

LeeAnne said, “I mean, I certainly don’t speak on her [and] I’m not on their cast! You would think she would focus on moving forward.” Sure, that would be logical, but most Housewives make their living by dragging out the past for as long as possible.


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Then, LeeAnne dropped this bomb, “I will tell you, Kary Brittingham and I have, you know, [sat] down and had drinks and she even expressed that she would’ve — she wanted me to come back so that there could have been this growing moment.”


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I would love to know how LeeAnne and Kary got to a good place and how the Dallas Housewives feel about that.


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