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Aesha Scott Says Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 Cast “Has The Sh*ttiest Banter”

As the Below Deck Mediterranean season comes to a close, we can now reflect on it all. I have to admit – the last few episodes after Hannah Ferrier’s firing have been snooze-worthy. And after what Bosun Malia White and Captain Sandy Yawn pulled in getting rid of Hannah, there isn’t anyone likable left either.

Enter fan favorite Aesha Scott. She came back on board again once Hannah was gone and Bugsy Drake took over as Chief Stew. Aesha may be the only likable cast member left. Too bad that won’t save the sinking ship that is The Wellington. Pun intended.

But it looks like fans aren’t the only ones less than impressed with the remaining crew this season. Aesha has her own thought that she recently shared with Entertainment Tonight.

Aesha had a hard time bonding with her coworkers this time around. She explained, “I don’t know what it was about the personalities on the boat, ’cause I join boats late all the time — the last two years yachting, I was doing temp work — and so I’m very used to coming into things late.”


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Aesha elaborated, “You’re always used to meeting new people and all that kind of thing, so I find that really easy to slip into crews. But whatever reason this season, the crew I just found they just had the s**tiest banter and, like, I couldn’t really have like any good back and forth with anyone.” That revelation is not surprising at all given what she was dealing with. Who is she going to talk to about normal stuff? Def not Jessica More, who is busy whining about her tumultuous 5 minute long relationship.

To make matters worse, Aesha is known for not having a filter. During her first season, she shared a personal poop story. She also joked about using a tampon soaked with vodka to get wasted. This time around, Aesha jokingly called Bugsy a “sh*t stain”. Alas, Bugsy wasn’t appreciative of the joke.


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Aesha continued, “That’s kind of like the way that I settle myself into a yacht, and because I felt like I wasn’t really getting there, I definitely found it a bit harder to kind of find my place and settle myself. I think a big part of that was the fact that so much drama had happened and there was already, like, couples and all that kind of thing. … Everything was already so established.”

The one person she did bond with was deckhand Rob Westergaard, much to Jessica’s annoyance. Aesha explained, “They’re obviously just showing the stuff with me and Rob because it’s relevant, but I was like that with all the boys that were on the boat. I’d say me and Alex [Radcliffe] had by far the most banter, but Bugsy wasn’t jealous, so they’re not showing it.”


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Aesha maintained she was in the dark about Jessica’s feelings. She clarified, “I had no idea that Jess was not liking it … until something happens, and then I find out. But for the majority of the time, I had no clue.”

Poor Aesha was just trying to do her part on the show and make some poop jokes along the way. How can anyone be upset with that? I love Aesha on my screen so I really think Below Deck Med needs to cast some people around her who aren’t so uptight. Maybe next season they will get it right. Here’s hoping.


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