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Aesha Scott Weighs In On Hannah Ferrier’s Below Deck Mediterranean Exit And Malia White’s Decision To Secretly Take Photo Of Hannah’s Medication

Below Deck Mediterranean has had one hell of a season. Never before have we seen the crew try so hard to keep their jobs. First came the exit of second stew, Lara Flumiani. Then deckhand Pete Hunziker was (rightfully) let go after the season was done due to racist behavior. While it didn’t happen on the show, producers made sure to highlight what a scumbag he was. Chef Kiko Lorran was next after one bad night. And finally, the worst firing of them all was Chief Stew and longtime castmate, Hannah Ferrier.

Hannah’s firing caused a lot of controversy online and opened up a bigger conversation surrounding mental health. Captain Sandy Yawn, who did the firing and Bosun Malia White, came out looking pretty bad. In the wake of letting Hannah go, they promoted Bugsy Drake to Chief Stew. That left room for one more stew in the mix. Enter past cast member and fan favorite Aesha Scott.

Aesha is plucky, adorable, and not scared to share her opinion. So naturally, she is sharing her thoughts on what went down with Hannah’s firing. Sure, it got her another season on the show, but it’s clear she has a lot of love for Hannah. The two have even remained close friends since they met on their season.

Aesha told Entertainment Tonight“I just felt really sorry for Hannah.” She elaborated, “I’m very protective of her, so just, like, seeing when she got called in to Captain Sandy’s cabin and how vulnerable she looked, I just wanted to reach out and give her a big hug.”


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Aesha shared, “I think it’s just a shame, you know? She’s been on the show for so long, it just seems, like, kind of a shame, like, that’s how it had to end.”

But Aesha is quick to point out that the timing was best for everyone, including Hannah. Aesha said, “She definitely was ready to go, though, and I’m so happy for her. She’s been saying for ages that all she wants is a baby, she’s destined to be a mother. So now that she’s pregnant, it’s just, aww! I’m just so happy.”


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As for her thoughts on Malia, Aesha explained, “Malia’s obviously just someone who is very, very passionate about her job and she’s a real stickler for the rules. I guess that’s probably why she felt inclined to take the photo and report, ’cause she is just so passionate about her job so, yeah, I don’t know. I guess I see where she’s coming from.”

Obviously, Aesha doesn’t want to get too far involved but it sounds like she wanted to speak her peace. I’m happy Aesha is back to finish out the season, even though the circumstances suck. Now the big question is – will she be back for the next one?


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