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Below Deck Alum Adrienne Gang “Disgusted By” Captain Sandy Yawn Saying Malia White Is “Secretly Gay”

At this point in the current season of Below Deck Mediterranean, it’s tough to find any super fans of Captain Sandy Yawn or Malia White. Captain Sandy’s blatant favoritism has always been an issue among the fans. Then she accused Hannah Ferrier of flushing “narcotics” down the toilet after Malia secretly took a photo of Hannah’s prescription medication and reported her.

Right before that, Captain Sandy had the crew change up their cabin arrangements just so Malia could sleep with her now-ex-boyfriend Tom Checketts (yes, they broke up after all that). Meanwhile, cabin arrangements are a part of Hannah’s job description as Chief Stew. Recently, Captain Sandy infuriated fans even more when she claimed that Malia is “secretly gay” in a video that she recorded for the Cameo app.

Below Deck alum Adrienne Gang reacted to the incident, tweeting, “In reference to the @BookCameo @CaptSandyYawn did about #MaliaWhite being ‘secretly gay’ Sandy, how fucking dare you #MaliaDeservesAnApology #PrideAdvocateMyAss #BelowDeckMed.”

In that same tweet, she said, “I have no love for either Malia or Sandy at this point, but this is just vile. As someone who has had their sexuality questioned on tv in front of millions of people, I can’t tell you how hurtful this is. Especially from someone WHO ACTUALLY KNOWS YOU IN PERSON, not just by watching you on tv.”


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Adrienne continued, “As a gay human in the limelight Sandy of all people should know how her words will impact someone. I am soooo disappointed and disgusted by this. It’s made infinitely worse by the way she laughs about it.” Seriously, in what world did Sandy think that video was remotely OK?

“Sandy, most fans aren’t big fans of Malia and her actions right now. The whole Bravo world is paying attention to what you are saying. This is not your story to tell,” Adrienne said, adding, “I’m flabbergasted.”


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Adrienne concluded, “Malia, if this is true, then I hope you find your own way to tell your story. If it’s not, then Sandy owes you a Royal fucking apology. Smh.”

Sandy sort of apologized, i.e. she posted a half ass apology where she said her words were “taken out of context,” which they weren’t. We saw the whole video, Sandy.


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