Kristen Taekman Ramona Singer

Kristen Taekman Says Ramona Singer Was A “Nightmare” And Restaurants Didn’t Let Real Housewives Film Because Of Her Behavior

Kristen Taekman Ramona Singer

Someone calling Ramona Singer “rude” isn’t shocking news at this point. Her Real Housewives of New York co-stars have called her out for her behavior so many times. She kicked Gizelle Bryant out of a photo. Margaret Josephs said she wasn’t nice to fans. The list goes on and on. Dolores Catania has made similar comments.

Now, Real Housewives of New York alum Kristen Taekman is claiming that Ramona was so out of hand that they started to run out of locations to film the show.

Kristen reminisced and shared some inside scoop during a recent appearance on the Behind the Velvet Rope With David Yontef. Clearly, this episode was recorded before Dorinda Medley got fired. Kristen was asked, “Who do you think out of Dorinda, Ramona, Sonja [Morgan], and Luann [de Lessps], if we are going to do a major cast shakeup, who do you think would be the first one to go?”

“I hate to say it, but Ramona,” Kristen responded. She explained, “I think like Dorinda’s like still new enough to us that she’s like spicy and fresh.” That statement certainly didn’t age well.


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Kristen continued, “I feel bad saying it because it’s like ‘her’ show 100%, but I think she can still have the same role and just kind of like… Vicki Gunvalson.” That didn’t work out too well for Vicki, did it?

She mused, “I think we can still love and enjoy Ramona just as much. She can still host things. She can still have people over. She’s always in the mix, but [we would] not be following her day to day.”


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Kristen also addressed Ramona’s recent comments referring to her and Cindy Barshop as “nobodies” in an Instagram Story Avery Singer posted. Kristen said, “I would never put that on social media.”

She explained, “Trust me, I’m not offended. I’m fine. It’s not a big deal, but we’re talking about bullying and all of that stuff.” Kristen also claimed, “Do I really care that she’s saying ‘Who’s that? A Nobody.’ I don’t care. It’s not a big deal [in the grand] scheme of all of the Housewives.”


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Kristen said, “If I’m a nobody and you’re a somebody, I would much rather be a nobody.” Touché. Kristen declared, “Let’s be clear because I don’t need your life nor would I ever want it. But, to do that with her daughter, it’s like that’s what you’re teaching your daughter? Kyle [Richards] would never teach her children something like that.”

Kristen said, “With your daughter, come on? I don’t care how old your daughter is, it’s not appropriate.” She summed up Ramona as “the one to just retract and be like ‘I’m sorry.'”


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Kristen also dished on that moment last summer when Ramona kicked Gizelle out of a photo… a photo that Kristen was in. Kristen asked, “Who does that?” Ramona, that’s who.

That’s when Kristen said, “Because of people like her, all of the Housewives get a bad rap because of those actions that she does because we call get looped into the same thing and people are like ‘Oh, Housewives.'”


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Kristen claimed, “If there were five times I reached out to [restaurants] to film, three out of the fives times, somebody said ‘Will Ramona be there?’ and if I said yes, we weren’t allowed to film or ‘We’ve already had Ramona here and we can’t do that again because she was a mess, she was a nightmare, she was a pain.’ It’s just sad and she gets away with it, season after season and year after year.”

And, she will continue to get away with it. Ramona recently confirmed that she will be on the show when it returns for Season 13. Clearly, they haven’t completely run out of filming locations since the show has been on for twelve seasons and Ramona had a full-time role on every single one.


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