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NeNe Leakes Insists She Wasn’t Fired From Real Housewives Of Atlanta; Addresses Drama With Andy Cohen

NeNe Leakes has been a Real Housewives staple for years. I think it’s safe to say she put Real Housewives in general on the map. And she truly made Real Housewives of Atlanta one of the best housewives franchises, period.

But all good things must come to an end. That includes NeNe’s ability to bring anything to the show. She may have started as one of the best housewives, but I don’t think she ended that way. Even after coming back from a break from season 9 couldn’t get her back on track. NeNe had no story line and was no longer the fun loving cast member that we had come to know and love.

So her exit from the show has been anything but smooth. There has been major beef with Wendy Williams and Andy Cohen as well. There’s also the question of whether or not NeNe left on her own or was fired.

NeNe is addressing all that in a recent conversation with Entertainment Tonight. According to NeNe, “I left the show. I had an offer on the table. I did not think the offer was a fair offer.”


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About coming back to the franchise at some point, she had this to say, “I wish them all the best, really, I do. But I don’t think that’s the place for me.” I don’t doubt that. It was clear last season that NeNe had mentally checked out. She also didn’t have any allies left on the show. Even her renewed friendship with Porsha Williams seemed contrived. 

NeNe also got into the drama between her and Andy. It all stems from a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, where Andy invited Wendy on and she criticized NeNe. NeNe then took to YouTube to tell Andy to leave her alone and stop using her name for ratings. She also claimed Andy tried to force her out of RHOA for years.


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She said of the debacle,Andy, remember, no one knew you until you knew me.” Does anyone really believe that? Andy is the one who put HER on the show, not the other way around. Sure, she gave them ratings but if not for Andy, she would still be a nobody. NeNe loves to bite the hand that feeds her!

She continued about Andy, “Well, I thought that we had a relationship and a great relationship. But maybe we didn’t. I don’t know. You know, you don’t turn off your feelings for someone because you had an argument,” she admitted. “I’ve always loved Andy like he was a family member of mine. I worked with him for a very long time so I have a lot of love for him, so, you know, you can’t just turn your feelings off because you had an argument.”


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Despite the current state of their relationship, NeNe does hope they can make up in the future. She admitted, “I mean, again, I consider him to be like family, families argue. Families fight. Families come back together. I have nothing but love for him and I’m certain that we will talk. We just texted right after that happened.”

That sounds promising. And hopeful. I wish NeNe would show that vulnerable and conciliatory side of herself more. She might actually be watchable.


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