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NeNe Leakes Calls Andy Cohen “Racist” And “A Manipulator”; Says Wendy Williams Is “On Cocaine”

DAMN, GINA! NeNe Leakes has gone nuts come out swinging, but metaphorically this time. The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star is on Twitter again and to say it’s a lot is an understatement. We get it, she’s emotional, but now NeNe is saying things that could really bite her in the ass. On the bright side, she’s already out of a job, so there’s not much left to lose. Dignity went out the door about five years ago.

Viewers have seen NeNe upset before. She kind of remains in a bothered state, so this is nothing new. This latest temper tantrum finds NeNe throwing jabs at (former?) friend, Wendy Williams and former boss, Andy Cohen. According to NeNe, Andy is racist and Wendy is under the influence of cocaine. Because clearly anything is easier than admitting you are wrong. Now, NeNe isn’t giving lessons on how to burn bridges. She’s giving lessons on completely incinerating them.

Gregg Leakes, come get your wife. Or at least take her phone away. NeNe’s old buddy Wendy was on Watch What Happens Live last night. After Wendy made some fairly accurate observations, NeNe went nuclear. Welcome to the best day of Kenya Moore’s life.

The world’s worst kept secret is NeNe’s temper. But seeing Andy and Wendy together, discussing the topic of NeNe’s unemployment, sent her over the edge. According to NeNe, both Andy and Wendy suck in the ratings department. She wrote, “Both are of their ratings are LOW! Bye QUEENS!” Oh, is this NeNe calling openly gay Andy a derogatory term? I can’t wait until she starts talking about racism. I personally don’t know if Andy and Wendy are suffering from low viewership, but at least they have jobs.


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Then NeNe posted, “She [Wendy] on cocaine so they should stop using her to talk! They both need my help with their poor ratings.” So, when someone does not parrot NeNe’s high opinion of herself, they are in the midst of a drug induced haze. OR maybe Wendy was speaking facts. NeNe hates facts.

NeNe decided to send a lowkey threat to Andy. She threw out, “Keep trying me sir and imma let the world know who you really are.” Is NeNe going to pull receipts on Andy or is she just trying to intimidate him? Because I kind of feel like there are years of unused footage in Bravo’s vault that show what kind of person NeNe really is.


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After that foreshadowing, NeNe went full Masterpiece Theater. “I will ALWAYS eat and eat good! Believe that. I have ALWAYS believed in multiple streams of income so the leakes are good you ole cocaine head and you ole racist. No one knew you until YOU knew me. Remember I’m ICON. Don’t forget.” Now Andy is a racist along with Wendy blowing rails all day. Calling someone racist that literally saved her ass season after season when fans were DONE, is irony at it’s finest. But tell us all about those multiple streams of income. We’re waiting

Our martyr, NeNe the Patron Saint of Peaches and Dismay, has already compared herself to George Floyd. But now she’s implying she lost her check due to racism and is using herself as an example for the Black Lives Matter movement.


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NeNe wrote, “They ALWAYS manipulating black women to say negative things about each other while they sit and enjoy us tearing each other down! Remember #BLM Remember #breonnataylor REMEMBER the most racist networks.” I guess NeNe spitting on someone was racist Bravo’s fault. NeNe fat shaming her lil sis Porsha Williams was racist Bravo’s fault. Lunging for Kim Zolciak’s neck because she had a song on iTunes was racist Bravo’s fault. What else is racist Bravo’s fault? The closet incident?

When all else fails, threaten a lawsuit! NeNe is ready to take it to court. “They gone leave my name outta these shows. Send me your best discrimination attorneys info to IT’S WAR!” Did NeNe think Andy was a racist throughout their whole relationship? Or just after she got fired?


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A fan posted the catalyst of NeNe’s vitriol. Wendy’s WWHL spot. Yeah Wendy mentioned some unflattering things about NeNe, but who hasn’t what she said wasn’t a fairy tale. It seems NeNe really wants the public to know she was fired off of a show with a predominantly black cast because she is… black. She wrote, “We strictly talking the OG’s. I was the ONLY BLACK OG. My white counter parts were elevated and given full season episodes EVERY season. Each season i was given less & less. Don’t ask me, @ Andy and @ Bravo and ask them why.” We know “why”.  We have watched so many seasons of “why”.

It’s a stretch to think NeNe was fired because of race, and it’s normal to be in denial after a loss. But NeNe using BLM in her plight is a bit much. And calling your former boss a racist is probably the final nail in the Bravo coffin. Bye-bye, OG.


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