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NeNe Leakes Claims She Was “Forced” To Leave Real Housewives Of Atlanta; Calls Out Andy Cohen

NeNe Leakes is feeling some type of way again. On the heels of being “let go” from Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe has taken to social media to whine complain about the fact that her peach went bye-bye. Public social rants are common, especially when you lose your job, but NeNe is taking it next level. Viewers have become used to NeNe and her often caustic displays over the years. But while her antics have become legendary, they have also become intolerable.

NeNe has been given every opportunity to redeem herself. She could have taken responsibility for her violent outburst against a cameraman. She could have extended grace to her husband instead of reprimanding him publicly during his battle with cancer. Not spitting on Kenya Moore probably would have helped. Instead of accepting her fate and perhaps reflecting on what brought her here, NeNe is playing her favorite role. Martyr. This is all Bravo’s fault, you guys – because NeNe says so.

What’s that smell? Oh, it might be all of the bridges burning. Unfortunately, NeNe didn’t get her way when RHOA contract negotiations went down, so we will be hearing about it for the next few years. Rather than taking a minute to collect her thoughts and acknowledge she may have some personality characteristics that are… questionable, NeNe is saying Bravo forced her out.

On Twitter, a fan asked NeNe if she thought Bravo would give her a(nother) spin-off. In response, NeNe decided to launch a missile. She said, “They don’t think i deserve to work at all in any capacity.” I bet seeing those promos for Porsha Williams’ new Bravo show stings, huh? Bring the smelling salts, we have a victim! Naturally the success of other people is a direct slight to NeNe. Just ask Kandi Burrus, the Grammy winner, who has never been number one at anything in her life.


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Another commenter chimed in with, “That’s making it sound like they forced you out! Is that the story you want out there? ‘They didn’t want u to work in any capacity?'” And then NeNe, queen of her own narrative replied, “They definitely did.” But, but, I thought NeNe didn’t need RHOA because she was so rich, bitch. I thought NeNe had people from all ends of the universe begging her to work with them.

Then NeNe really committed to her quest for attention redemption. She kind of, sort of, maybe implied she is going to “expose” Bravo and she name-dropped Andy Cohen. “@Andy said he respected Teddi [Mellencamp] for telling the truth about her exit. Well i can’t wait to tell my truths, i hope i get just as much respect,” NeNe wrote. It seems NeNe wants people to think something insidious is going on behind the 4th wall. I’m sure everyone at the network, including Andy, are quaking in their boots at what truths NeNe is about to unleash. It’s much easier to blame an entire network than take responsibility for acting like an ass, amirite?


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If NeNe didn’t have a history of making baseless threats and placing blame on others, this might have legs. But we’re talking about someone who compared her victimization to a man who died in police custody. It simply doesn’t fly. This has less to do about racism and more to do with someone who got too big for her britches. A person who seems to thrive on putting others down in an effort to make herself look better. Maybe that’s why Bravo “forced her out”, because she wouldn’t leave when they asked nicely.


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