NeNe Leakes Wants To Meet With Bravo To Discuss “Getting Fair Treatment”

You are cordially invited to witness the finest performance 2020 has blessed us with. Please don your pearls to clutch and your hankies to weep into. The saga of NeNe Leakes’ controversial departure from Real Housewives of Atlanta continues. As you know, NeNe will not be returning to the show that made her famous. SHE DEFINITELY WAS NOT FIRED, but there seems to be some speculation it was not her choice to leave.

NeNe’s farewell has been filled with strife. With claims of mistreatment and being “forced out” by Bravo, NeNe is not going gentle into that good night. After former friend Wendy Williams appeared on Watch What Happens Live, NeNe was unable to prevent the unleashing of her full wrath. Lobbing accusations of racism at Andy Cohen one way, hurling personal insults at Wendy another, NeNe ripped off what was left of her filter and scorched her previous relationships. What else is left for NeNe to do, as a consequence of her actions? Cry about it.

Tamron Hall has been doing the Lord’s work lately. From her interview with the disgraced Stassi Schroeder, to giving NeNe another platform, Tamron’s show has become the Home for Wayward Bravolebrities. You can sponsor a Wayward Bravolebrity for just two vodka sodas a day… But NeNe’s interview might read as more of an audition. Something to highlight NeNe’s superior skills as a thespian. Y’all have to see this.

Page Six has the details.  NeNe talks to Tamron about her undignified adieu from RHOA and the questionable statements she has made in the interim. In the excerpt, Tamron says, “NeNe, you didn’t know I could see you in the commercial break. You’ve been crying this entire break.” The nominee for Lead Victim Who Knows They Screwed Up is…


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Cut to NeNe, wiping the tears from her eyes, sniffing and looking like someone who hopes acting sorrowful expressions will erase the fact that she called her ex boss a racist. Tamron stated, “You said you want to meet potentially with the folks over at Bravo behind the scenes if you think that something can be worked out.” It’s a little late for that, Jan. Maybe this should have been considered prior to rage-making a YouTube video.

Then Tamron addressed NeNe’s bullying and discrimination allegations to both Andy and Bravo. Tamron asked, “What do you want from them [Bravo]?” NeNe replied, “I can’t tell you everything that I want from them but I can tell you that I want fair treatment.” Fair treatment like not wanting to be spit on? Fair treatment like not attacking production? Fair treatment like an enormous salary? “I deserve fair treatment. I haven’t done anything that no one else has done there, or haven’t done even worse … I don’t deserve this treatment. I’m as confused as you are,” NeNe said. Except that we aren’t that confused, right? We’ve all been watching the same show where NeNe has expressed nothing but disdain for her cast members.


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In August, NeNe tweeted about equality. Basically, she wanted a spin off and didn’t get one. “No Equality,” she wrote. “If I have to stand alone. I will,” NeNe declared. Except that if no one is jonesing to see a spin off about you, that’s not Bravo or Andy’s fault. And it doesn’t make them discriminators. When Tamron asked NeNe if she would return to RHOA at this point, NeNe responded, “No, I do not.” I think a more fair question would be if Bravo would have NeNe return at this point. Maybe we should ask Andy, the racist.

And the Oscar goes to… Linnethia Monique Leakes! That truly was an exceptional display of thirst remorse and regret over literally torching the guy that labeled NeNe as an icon. Said no one. Maybe NeNe is having second thoughts about her threats and comments about former friends. Or maybe NeNe can use this interview as a try out for her next acting job.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]