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Tanya Sam Says Rumors About Hookup With A Stripper Are “NOT TRUE”

Apparently, Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party got very rowdy. The ladies were at a house in Charleston. There was a male stripper included in the celebrations. And apparently, some Real Housewives of Atlanta cast members hooked up with each other and the stripper.

Then, a couple days after that rumor circulated, it was reported that it was Tanya Sam and Porsha Williams who got with the man in question. And, apparently, newbie LaToya Ali was a part of some girl-on-girl-on-girl action (not my wording, it’s from the original source). Well, that just sounds so out of character for Tanya, who is still engaged to Paul Judge (as far as we know, anyway).

Tanya did not make it to Cynthia’s wedding over the weekend, which is pretty suspect interesting. Tanya didn’t get into specifics, but she did tweet and Instagram a denial about the recent rumors.

She wrote, “I will address this topic now and will not entertain this absurdity any further. The rumor circulating about me is NOT TRUE.”


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As of this moment, not one person from Real Housewives of Atlanta liked or commented her Instagram post. Then again, they were all busy turning up at Cynthia’s 250-person super-spreader event wedding. However, Real Housewife of Potomac Monique Samuels did comment “We know sis! Don’t even worry.”

And for the most part, the commenters seem to believe Tanya as well, because, again, this just seems so out of character for her. One Instagram user commented “We never believed the rumor from the beginning. Handle your business.” Another person wrote, “They need every clout to boost the show ratings since Nene ain’t there no more.”


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Someone else commented, “I knew it wasn’t true as soon as I saw it. We know you have more integrity in your actions and words.” Well, so much for Tanya “deciding” to be a part-time cast member to avoid the full-time drama. We shall see how this plays out when Real Housewives of Atlanta returns for another season.


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