Tamra Judge Teases Return To Real Housewives Of Orange County For Season 16

If you are not a fan of Tamra Judge, I encourage you to enjoy the remainder of the current Real Housewives of Orange County season. Tamra was unceremoniously let go from the show when she was offered a small role to “wrap up” her storyline and exit with dignity. Tamra denied the offer, because, what is dignity?

It’s no secret both Tamra and Vicki Gunvalson are upset RHOC went on without them. The alums have taken multiple shots at current cast members and seem to think the show will have no content in their absence. It is also not exactly classified information that Vicki and Tamra will do anything and everything to come back. Now Tamra throws gasoline on the fire that feeds the rumors of her return, but don’t tell the OG of the OC.

While viewers are just getting started with a new season of RHOC, some former cast members have no concept of life without cameras. Or a big Bravo paycheck. It looks like at least one of the toxic twins might be coming back. One cannot deny that Tamra’s presence has been missed, or at least Braunwyn Windham-Burke misses her. Unfortunately, Shannon STORMS Beador and Emily Simpson beg to differ.

Shannon and Emily might want to buckle up, because if Tamra comes back, she’s coming in hot. And even if she doesn’t return in full capacity, Tamra at least wants you to think she is. Tamra has stated she will return to the show if Bravo fires racist (um, does Tamra know her son?) Kelly Dodd and brings back Vicki. Not sure Tammy Sue is in a bargaining position, but you don’t have to be Miss Cleo to know how this will turn out.


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Tamra offered her followers the opportunity to ask her questions on her Instagram story. Naturally people want to know if she has a green light to come back to the OC after being banished to Bass Lake. Queens of Bravo shared the details. After opening her forum to questions, a fan asked Tamra, “Season 16?”

The entire nation collectively held it’s breath in anticipation of Tamra’s reply. Luckily, she didn’t keep us in suspense for long. Tamra responded, “Good chance of that happening.” Oh Vicki, Vicki darling, have you heard the news? I can definitely see Bravo bringing Tamra back, because she knows how to play the game. The problem is, people are kind of sick of the same old game, year after year. Literally the only thing that changes are cast members’ faces.


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RHOC is a knockoff Louis Vuitton bag plethora of speculation. Is Braunwyn seeing a woman? Is Kelly living secretly as an epidemiologist? Will Gina Kirschenheiter teach elocution lessons? And now we have, is Tammy Sue coming back to the fold? Something tells me it’s time to get our landscaping in order, Tamra will be looking for places to hide again very soon. The real question is, who will break the news to Vicki?


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]