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Erika Jayne’s Husband Tom Girardi Denies Claim He Owes A $40,000 Bill

Hmmm, let me think for a second. Where have I seen a $40k figure involving both Erika Jayne and her husband, Tom Girardi? I’m sure it will come to me any moment. While I am deep in thought, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Pasadena Edition diva is in the news. No, she isn’t regaling the wonders of Dorit Kemsley’s new home rental or buying gifts for Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave’s impending storyline baby girl. The woman who communicates through track suits is back in the media thanks to her hubby.

Let’s not continue to rehash the mounting legal bills of our various cast members. Why, that would be uncouth and surely Camille Grammer is already on the case. Well, let’s do it just this once regarding Tom. No need to bother with Dorit and PK Kemsley’s run from the IRS or Mauricio Umansky’s alleged shady house flip that profited him around $70 million. Tom has been dealing with his own financial disputes. Along with a $16 million case over perceived misused funds, in September, Tom was thrown another case. His law firm is being sued by a consulting company for $40,000. Tom is now responding to the case and basically saying, “I don’t know her” to the claim.

Oh NOW I remember where that nagging $40,000 number came from. How could I forget Erika’s famous claim that without 40 grand, she can’t leave the house? In a startling coincidence, Tom was recently sued for exactly that amount. Karma, you are a funny little minx. JJ Jackson Consulting state Tom’s firm hired them in 2016 to provide consult services for the Ischemia Research and Education Foundation (IREF). The consulting firm implies Girardi Keese agreed to pay what IREF owed “for previously-unpaid invoices on the same case, should IREF fail to pay the debt by January 2018”. The payment was not made by IREF and Tommy Boy’s office refused to pay the $40,167.69 that is due.

The plaintiff also shared Tom did in fact reply to one of their communications with, “I will get this resolved within the next 30 days. This is the first I heard of the bill.” I wonder if the glam squad was threatening Tom with using horse hair on Erika, perhaps the $40k went towards preventing that abomination? According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Tom is now firing back at allegations his law firm refuses to pay the bill.

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In newly filed legal papers, Tom’s firm denies any wrongdoing and further denies JJ Jackson suffered from any financial damages. Additionally, Girardi Keese accuses the company of causing their own legal issues. Kind of like buying a $5,000 toilet and telling folks you don’t use loaned funds to support a lavish lifestyle? Also, why would Tom submit a response to the claim saying he will pay it within 30 days and then renege? Someone might want to call Fofty in for backup.

This is just one of several roadblocks preventing Tom from achieving financial freedom. In July, Tom agreed to settle a $16 million debt to Law Finance Group and was hit with a $6 million judgement. Wifey was almost called in Dorit-style to have her expenses examined, but Tommy Boy ponied up $3 million of the debt and bought some time. Like her partners in crime buddies, Erika remains outwardly unbothered by Tom’s legal hiccups and you don’t have to be Einstein to know none of this will probably be shown on Season 10 of RHOBH.

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So once again we have story lines a plenty, but they will never be used. It only continues to starve the hungry souls who watch this show, hoping to actually see some of the stars’ “real lives”. You know what they say, in Beverly Hills the truth always rises to the top – we’re still waiting…


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