Tinsley Mortimer’s Mom Dale Mercer Defends Her For Not Voting In Previous Presidential Election

During the Season 9 Real Housewives of New York reunion, Andy Cohen asked the cast members who they voted for.

When he got to Tinsley Mortimer, she admitted that she didn’t actually vote, and she’s still catching some heat for the statement.

During that reunion, Tinsley said, “I’m not close friends, but [I’ve] known Ivanka Trump for several years and I wasn’t able to vote because [I was] a Florida resident still and I didn’t do it in time to get the ballot in.”

A shocked Carole Radziwill asked, “You didn’t vote!?” And then Tinsley told her, ” I’m sorry. I’m just not like… It’s not my thing.” That’s when Dorinda Medley remarked, “So you wouldn’t have voted anyway? Even if you could have voted, you wouldn’t have voted?”

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A flustered Tinsley said, “Oh my god. This is not my thing, guys.” Carole said ‘that was the point.’ And Dorinda demanded, “Just say ‘I didn’t vote. I just don’t vote.'” So, why is this coming up now? Well, the Instagram account Bravo by Betches posted “Please don’t be like this NYC Housewife who declared at the Season 9 reunion that voting was ‘not my thing.'”

In response, Tinsley’s mom Dale Mercer came to her defense, in a screenshot captured by Comments by Bravo. Dale began, “I would like to clear this up. Tinsley was saying that politics were not her thing… not voting!”

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Dale went on to explain, “She voted in the primary in 2016 in Florida, but did not request an absentee ballot soon enough after she unexpectedly was invited to join RHONY and three weeks later had moved and was filming in NYC.”

Dale revealed, “Several months ago, Tinsley gave $2,000 to Joe Biden, and Scott gave a donation, as well. In addition, Scott [Kluth] and Tins hosted da large reception for Joe in Chicago. Thanks!” Hopefully, that “large reception” was pre-pandemic.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]