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Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Season 5 Reunion Part 1

The moment has finally arrived. The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion is here. For the first time in over a year, Monique Samuels & Candiace Dillard Bassett are in the same room. There is a lot to unpack between those two. The fight changed everything. Finally, we are going to hear both sides of the story with both there to hash it out. This is highly anticipated. It doesn’t get bigger than this for a Housewives fan.

Someone who should be nervous at this reunion is Gizelle Bryant. She was extra messy this season, and many of the women are going to want to hold her accountable. You can only get away with shady underhanded tactics for so long before people fight back. Karen Huger always has Gizelle’s number so I expect her to be front and center as the ringleader of a possible Gizelle takedown.

Karen Huger Real Housewives Of Potomac

The tension in this room is so thick. Monique and Candiace are not even looking in each other’s directions. This is going to be so good!! The moment they finally have to talk is going to be beyond explosive.

They roll a video showing how much has changed over the years with the Real Housewives of Potomac ladies. Talk about a glow up! The women have also changed professionally. The businesses they’ve launched have turned them all into powerful entrepreneurs as well.

Karen is asked what work she’s had done over the years, but she only owns up to a recent nose injection. Karen you have an entirely new face now. Stop playing with us.

Gizelle is confronted about Karen’s comments regarding her questionable style choices. Gizelle wears some of the ugliest clothing I’ve ever seen. Karen says she’s grown to appreciate Gizelle’s mess during the quarantine. Karen is already with the shade, and the reunion has just begun.


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There is no way Gizelle isn’t aware of how hideous her style choices are. Sometimes I feel as if she’s trolling us on purpose. How can someone be that blind to their lack of fashion sense? If she has a stylist, they need to be fired and never allowed to work again.

Robyn Dixon is asked her thoughts about Gizelle’s fashions, and she calls her choices “bold”. That’s one way to describe it. Their friendship has withstood the test of the time, but I would love to see them feud one day. That’s probably so wrong to say, but I bet Robyn has some pent up issues with G.

Andy Cohen asks Monique and Candiace who they think are the best dressed of the group. They both select Karen, but Candiace also includes herself in that spot. Andy thought Monique was going to say herself, but she says she’s not that vain. Clearly a dig at Candiace, but she does have somewhat of a point. To be honest, I think Monique & Candiace are the best dressed.

Robyn & Gizelle start to get into it with Karen over her seemingly blaming them for the fight at the barn. I don’t think they should be held responsible for Monique getting physical. Nobody forced her to put her hands on Candiace. Andy cuts them off though because it’s too early for that topic.


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Wendy Osefo Real Housewives Of Potomac

PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ME SIT THROUGH A WHOLE TOPIC ABOUT WENDY OSEFO’S DEGREES. My heart and my soul cannot take it. Enough is enough. I’m begging.

They women discuss the impact of having Kamala Harris in the White House. What a historic moment for women of color all over. To see a woman who looks like them in that type of position is going to inspire so many little girls. It’s a beautiful thing to be witness to.

Wendy comes off like such a snob when she speaks. Ashley Darby wouldn’t ever want to take away from her accomplishments, but she’s constantly throwing it around at others. She absolutely does that. The elitist vibe she gets off got old on her second episode. At every corner she was throwing it in people’s faces.

Ashley is spot on with her assessment of Wendy and how she uses her degrees to put people down. There’s no need to do that. We get it. You’re better than everyone. Move on.


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Gizelle tells the group that from day one, Karen was trying to get Wendy kicked off the show. That doesn’t surprise me one damn bit. From the moment Wendy stepped foot into the group, Karen had an issue with her. Before they even really interacted, she was badmouthing her.

Karen says she was just having challenges connecting to Wendy. No more. No less. Karen says this is the new first day for them, and they’re starting over. I’m not sure if they will ever be in a good place, but this is a great first step. I guess we will see what happens when Wendy slithers into her second season.

Candiace Dillard Bassett Real Housewives Of Potomac

Candiace’s social media persona is an entirely different entity. She becomes someone with no filter and no regard for how many lines she crosses. I enjoy Candiace on the show, but sometimes (many times), her Twitter actions are too much. Even I (The President of the Candiace fan club as you’ve named me in the comments) can’t defend her.

The topic shifts to Candiace’s music, and she says her song is a real song unlike Ashley’s. She calls out Ashley’s song for having trash vocals. In Candiace’s defense, Ashley’s song is so bad. I try so hard to enjoy it. The live performances are even worse.


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Candiace throws a dig at Ashley saying, “your man is itching. Take a test.” Where is the lie in that? Michael Darby is the real disaster here. Andy calls out Candiace for being a disaster on Twitter, and she looks so annoyed. She needs to understand that he is doing his job and calling it like he sees it.

Andy asks if colorism plays a role in why Candiace and Wendy are labeled as “aggressive” on social media more than the rest. That’s definitely possible, but I think people were just turned off to Wendy coming in so hot over nothing. She targeted Ashley for having her child on a trip right out of the gate. That was a bit much. No?

I can’t really speak on this as a white male, but I do think that calling someone aggressive in response to them yelling at you isn’t about color. It’s because you do not wish for someone to be shouting at you over nonsense. Was that incident an example of colorism? That’s up for debate, but this something that does happen in other times, which is terrible.

The way Candiace refuses to even look at Monique is giving me so much life. I’m fairly certain I do not even require oxygen anymore after this. QUEEN.


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Candiace admits that she goes below the belt sometimes and could pull back. Things are going well for Candiace in her personal life as well. She’s finally a homeowner, and her momma didn’t have any financial contributions. She’s also working on their first baby (sort of), so maybe we will get a pregnancy announcement soon. I guarantee that will be her storyline next season.

On a break from shooting, Ashley asks Monique if she thinks she and Candiace could ever work things out. It’s not in the cards according to Monique. She also teases this mysterious binder. I really want to see the contents of this thing. There are tabs for EVERYONE. How much tea do you think is in that?

Gizelle Bryant Real Housewives Of Potomac

Everyone knows Gizielle’s relationship with Jamal Bryant is such a sham. She won’t even bring him around the group. The other women put all of their life and marriage on display, so why can’t she do the same? Just be honest. Own it.

Karen and Gizelle bickering is one of the greatest things ever on this planet. They start arguing over Gizelle’s home décor, but then it turns to their businesses. Gizelle says the manufacturer that makes her products closed due to the pandemic. I really want to believe that. However, Gizelle would never admit if she failed anyway.


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Karen questions whether or not Gizelle is really back with Jamal. She heard it was just to keep Gizelle on the show as a job security move. Not only that, she goes a step further and calls out Jamal for allegedly fathering a child while dating her. This tea is HOT. Gizelle denies any allegations that he fathered a child.

MONIQUE PULLING OUT THE BINDER AND SHOWING PROOF JAMAL WAS WITH ANOTHER WOMAN IS EVERYTHING. WHEN SHE READS HIS PHONE NUMBER OUT LOUD I WAS F**KING SHOOK. Gizelle confirms that is his phone number, and Candiace kills me by saying “Well, that’s unfortunate”.

It was pretty damning evidence. The test messages between Jamal and the other woman also shows him saying the relationship with Gizelle was just for TV. Candiace calls out Monique for basically being disgusting by revealing this type of information that has nothing to do with her.

I get where Candiace is coming from, but Monique makes so many valid points. Gizelle is always talking about everyone else’s relationship. However, here she is in a relationship with a man who is clearly involved with other women. It’s all highly suspect.


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Monique’s binder has to be one of the most iconic moments of Housewives reunion history. Gizelle didn’t have any comments because she knows everything Monique is saying is true. I’m high key here for a Gizelle takedown moment.


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