Monique Samuels Accuses Bravo Of Setting Her Up At The Reunion; Says The Situation Was “Jacked Up”

The Season 5 reunion of Real Housewives of Potomac really delivered. Of course, much of the drama centered on the physical altercation between Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard.

Monique brought a binder of receipts to the RHOP reunion and proceeded to school Gizelle Bryant about her relationship with  ex-husband (and current boyfriend), Pastor Jamal Bryant. Monique had text messages from another woman and Jamal, and even read out Jamal’s phone number. Yikes!

Jamal allegedly revealed that his relationship with Gizelle was just for the cameras.  Jamal was furious and sent Monique a cease-and-desist letter demanding that she keep his name out of her mouth. When it was time for the husbands to take the reunion stage, Monique’s man Chris Samuels came in hot. He wanted answers about rumors that Monique had an affair with her trainer, which led to questions about his son’s paternity.

Candiace had previously spilled how the rumor was born during an Instagram Story that was posted by irealhousewives.  And Candiace finally confirmed the rumor at the reunion, and implicated Gizelle. Bravo host Andy Cohen became annoyed with Chris and Monique’s attempts to discuss the rumor a thousand times, and repeatedly shut them down. He even dissed Monique’s new single, “Drag Queens.”


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According to The Blast, Monique detailed how Bravo supposedly tried some reunion trickery in an interview with All About The Tea. It seems that Monique and her crew were given rooms in a different hotel than the rest of the RHOP cast.

Monique explained, “We are arriving in New Jersey. Me and my glam team spent hours in the car with my parrot and my husband and my hairstylist and my makeup artist,” the rapper said. “And when we got to the hotel, not that it was a bad hotel, it just like the usual hotel Bravo would have us stay at.”


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Monique started to feel like something was strange. “We go up to our room. Kinda smelled a little bit,” she said. But the room wasn’t the only thing that was smelling bad. The situation became very interesting when RHOP co-star Karen Huger called Monique to get her room number so she could stop by.

Karen called Monique back saying that Monique had given her the wrong room number. Then, Karen informed Monique that she was at the wrong hotel. Monique said production told her the reunion was being filmed at a different hotel. But, Monique was given rooms in the inferior hotel. Was Bravo trying to keep Monique away from her RHOP co-stars? Instead of staying in the lesser accommodations, Monique booked three rooms in the same hotel as the others.


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“Thank god we found out that night and we were able to sit down and have a glass of wine and regroup,” Monique shared. “We would have been thrown off our game, mentally, emotionally, and physically had that happened the same day.” Monique said the hotel snafu was “jacked up.”

After the final reunion episode aired, Monique appeared live on Instagram to announce that she, and T-Challa, were flying the coop ahead of Season 6. Monique told her fans, “It’s not easy doing reality TV. And to be quite honest, I’m over it.”


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