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Real Housewives Of Miami Alum Lisa Hochstein Fined For Throwing Huge House Parties During Coronavirus Pandemic

Oh, Florida! It must be great to live in a warm climate. Palm trees, the Atlantic Ocean, thumping social scene. Not much slows down a city like Miami, including a pandemic. Real Housewives of Miami used to be a thing and word on the street is, it might be a thing again. Recently, veteran ladies, Marysol Patton and Alexia Echevarria have popped up in the news because a highly contagious virus will absolutely not deter having birthday parties with other Housewives who visit from out of state.

Being immune to all pestilence is a gift not many of us have, because we aren’t the damn Avengers, but if you take a gander at certain Bravolebrities you would assume they are exempt from diseases. Real Housewives of New York star Luann de Lesseps has come under fire for traveling to Miami to party without a mask, but according to her, “precautions were taken“. Now RHOM is back in the media but not for a premier date. Another star has fallen victim to being inconvenienced by Covid.

Thanks to Lu, we are seeing some names from the past. If you remember Marysol and Alexia from the 305, you might also recall Lisa Hochstein. Lisa is still married to big time plastic surgeon, Lenny Hochstein – a.k.a. the “boob god”, who is responsible for giving women the chesticles of their dreams and whatever happened to Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s body. I guess it would be fair to assume living with a medical doctor might come in handy during a pandemic, and you would be right. Because who else is going to pay for elaborate parties that must continue despite pleas for people to remain safe?

Dr. Lenny is paying to keep the fun going. He is even throwing in an extra $3k for his and Lisa’s latest shindig. Not for better table settings – to pay a fine for having the damn party in the first place. According to Page Six, Lisa and Lenny are in trouble with authorities over a series of events at their Star Island home. SAFETY FIRST! Get a load of this, the couple held a huge bash last weekend hosted by “King of New York Nightlife” Richie Akiva, which drew 150 people. Post Malone, Scott Disick, Lil Pump, Tyga, and Jake Paul all showed up to see performances by rappers Lil Baby, 24kGoldn and Gucci Mane.


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Lisa stated, “We offered the backyard of our home to a friend that wanted to plan a last-minute get together … They were required to hire private security and cap the capacity at 150 people. Guests were temperature checked upon arrival and could only access the outdoor space surrounding our house. Guests were told to wear masks when not eating or drinking.”

On the bright side, at least no one famous showed up to put their health in jeopardy! But here’s the kicker – Dr. Lenny and Lisa were not fined the $3k because having parties is the most ignorant thing one can do right now. They were fined for a NOISE ORDINANCE. Oh yes, it keeps getting better. The couple were cited for “unreasonably loud, excessive, unnecessary or unusual noise” by Miami officials. They were also cited for noise for a party the previous weekend. That got them two fines of $250. Omg someone needs to check on Lenny and make sure his wallet is okay.


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The total amount of the fines came to a whopping $3,250. Wow you guys, lesson learned, amirite? I mean, with fines soaring over THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS, I am sure Dr. Lenny and Lisa regret their actions and will keep it to Lawrence Welk volumes going forward. THANK GOODNESS Miami officials, people who work in the medical industry, and d-list celebrities are taking the Covid-19 pandemic so seriously. With people like these on the case, we’ll all be back at Applebee’s in no time.


[Photo Credit: Paul Morigi/Getty Images for The Stronach Group]