Luann de Lesseps Parties Sans Mask In Florida; Carole Radziwill Slams Luann And Ramona Singer For Behavior During Coronavirus Pandemic

What’s the first thing you do if your job shuts down in the middle of a medical health crisis that is impacting the whole ass globe? If you answered with; fly to another state that has a ridiculously high Covid case confirmation rate and party on the local social scene without the benefit of wearing a mask, your name might be Luann de Lesseps. Lu must be taking advantage of the break in filming from Real Housewives of New York, because she’s been spotted in Miami at a birthday soiree.

Here’s the irony, RHONY halted production because a cast member tested positive for the Rona. But that’s not even the best part, this is the second time cameras have been pulled during the pandemic. The first time it was a person on the crew who tested positive. The way things are going, this is going to be a choppy season at best. And it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibilities for a 3rd stop in production. After Luann’s recent trip to Miami, she might bring home more than sand in her shoes.

Let’s be absolutely clear – the members of this cast that have slept with Harry Dubin are probably protected from several documented lethal infections. In all seriousness, I would speculate they are physically immune to most strains of even the most aggressive diseases. Still, it doesn’t excuse one from properly protecting those who have not made Harry’s list of conquests.

It has, unfortunately, become quite common to see celebrities not taking Covid precautions or traveling unnecessarily during these trying times. Now former nurse Luann can add herself to the club. According to the Daily Mail, Lu was papped partying maskless with some friends in Florida, days after filming on RHONY was shut down due to a positive COVID-19 test among cast members.


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The Countess was feeling no pain at a birthday event where former Real Housewives of Miami stars Marysol Patton (Mama Elsa’s daughter) and Alexia Echevarria (the blonde one) were in attendance. Florida has yet to enact a mask mandate despite surging cases of the virus. Insiders have labeled Luann’s display as “absolutely outrageous.”

That tracks considering her show is currently not filming because of people not following simple directions. A source claimed, “All eyes are on our show because someone has tested positive for the virus, yet [Luann] hops on a plane to Florida, rips off the mask and is singing and dancing at a party with a large group of women.”

Lu will be in quarantine when she returns to New York and “takes the virus seriously”. She also added she tested negative as of last Thursday. That won’t stop people from coming for her though, namely Carole Radziwill. On Jan. 20, Carole shared Luann’s shame story to Twitter with the caption, “Trump is gone but the maskless idiots remain. At least they are now all in one place. Good luck Florida.” Unity, Carole, unity… But don’t worry, Carole is pissed with the world Ramona Singer as well. A commenter wrote, “Really gross of her to do that, but how do you feel about your friend Ramona’s reckless behaviour during the pandemic? You’ve seemed to stay silent on that.” Carole replied, “Terrible.”


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People continue to remain divided over the issue of whether or not masks work. I guess we will see for ourselves if Lu finds herself feelin’ less Jovani and more Covid. In the interim, we have Carole to patrol the internets to call out those not taking the pandemic seriously. Until the crisis is over, Harry Dubin will keep on making as many women in New York possible immune to the majority of deadly outbreaks.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]