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Life After Lockup Recap: Secrets, Lies, And Motel Drive-by’s

Life After Lockup honestly never disappoints in the drama department. It’s always been a dramatic series, but this season has been the wildest yet. Amber’s return was so unexpected, but the arrival of Puppy is intriguing. She doesn’t seem as committed to life on the straight and narrow as Amber, so tension’s going to rise. Lamar Jackson’s screwed up once again, and now Andrea Edwards is on the warpath. STOP KEEPING SECRETS FROM THAT WOMAN!

The most heartbreaking aspect of this Life After Lockup season by far is what Brittany Santiago is dealing with regarding her mother. Watching someone struggle with addiction like that with no idea what to do is gut wrenching. She’s trying so hard to help her change her lifestyle, but she’s at her wits end. The secrets that have been exposed about Scott were not expected, but it’s a game changer. He’s not who has claimed to be all this time. Cue a vengeful Lindsey.

Amber & Puppy

Amber Life After Lockup

Puppy is not reformed. Nothing is going to convince me otherwise. I’m positive Amber feels the same way. The vibe since Puppy got released has been way different than expected. Not as awkward as Amber & Vince, but still.

Puppy’s mother asks about the future of their relationship. but Amber says Puppy JUST got out. Let your daughter find a job to support herself before they map out their future. She’s way too invested in her daughter’s hanky panky adventures.


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Puppy is worried about the trouble she might run into with Vince. It enrages her that she’s never seen a dime of the money Vince is allegedly getting by claiming her. The entire thing is a con that they should all stay far away from.

Apparently Puppy doesn’t think Amber is as sexually interested in her as she is. At first I thought that was only true because of the awkward vibe at Puppy’s mother’s home. However, Amber drops the biggest bombshell of all in her confessional interview. SHE IS SEEING A MALE INMATE AND TELLING HIM SHE LOVES HIM. WHAT IS HAPPENING? Amber knows how to secure her LAL check. Believe THAT.

Andrea & Lamar

Lamar Jackson Life After Lockup

Lamar is always forced to tiptoe around Andrea because of her reactionary personality. She has no idea how to have a civilized conversation. These children are forced to be the adult voices of the household because they have train wreck parents.

It makes sense Andrea would be upset about being kept in the dark. At the end of the day you shouldn’t tell your child to lie to her mother. That’s point blank period.

Andrea says it’s fine he took Priscilla to meet his oldest daughter, but she wants to be consulted in the future. I’m starting to see things a bit more on Andrea’s side in regards to this. Lamar knows he probably shouldn’t have done this, but the way she speaks in reaction is unacceptable. She needs to learn some people skills or shut the f**k up.


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Lamar talks to producers about everything that went down, and Andrea comes bursting onto the scene. THIS IS PRIME EXAMPLE A OF WHAT LAMAR IS TALKING ABOUT. She won’t let him say a word, and her kids try to get her to go back inside. I’d be so embarrassed if I had a parent acting like that on television. She screams that Lamar’s stupid and she hates him before finally walking away. At least she’s gone.

Andrea doesn’t know anything about Lamar’s oldest daughter because Lamar hasn’t told her more. It’s not fair to pin everything on Andrea here. Lamar can be just as shady. Andrea’s built up resentment is partly because it’s his fault his oldest daughter thinks Andrea kept Priscilla from her. Well., now she wants   him out of the house FOR GOOD.

Marcelino & Brittany

Brittany Santiago Life After Lockup

Marcelino Santiago’s at his limit with Brittany’s mother, and you can’t blame him. He’s tired of seeing his wife get let down every time because of her mother’s shortcomings. This addiction is wreaking havoc in their life, and it doesn’t show any signs of getting better. It’s a shame really.

Brittany’s concerned she may have pushed her mom over the edge. Even if her mom did go over the edge, that’s not on Brittany. She’s just speaking her truth and trying to find her mother the help she desperately needs. The path her mom chooses is on her and her alone because they’ve exhausted all of their options.

Brittany’s appreciative of Marcelino, but she doesn’t know how to have the boundaries with her mom that she wants. She hasn’t been able to get a hold of her at all and the anxiety levels are starting to rise. Marcelino keeps making jokes that are pissing her off, but I think it’s a nervous reaction.


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He doesn’t think there’s any hope for her unless she wants to get the help for herself. He’s absolutely right. You can’t force someone to get the help they need if they don’t want it. Her mom obviously hasn’t hit the rock bottom she needs to get better. Marcelino knocks on the hotel room door, but there’s no answer.

They have no idea what they may find in there. Her mother could be dead. Marcelino’s able to convince the front desk to give him a room key, so they’re about to get some answers. Brittany has no idea what to expect on the other side of the door. This is the moment of truth.

Sarah & Michael

Sarah Simmons Life After Lockup

Michael Simmons gives absolutely no f**ks about Malcolm. Sarah Simmons claims she loves Malcolm, but her actions prove otherwise. She’s still hung up on Michael, and allowing him to pop in the way she does is so disrespectful. Wanting Michael to be a good dad is one thing. However, when has he EVER showed ability to do that?

Michael opens up to Sarah about his bottled up emotions. It all seems like a list of copout excuses. He tells Sarah that his relationship with Maria led to police involvement multiple times. He definitely needs to stay away from that mess if he wants to be a decent father. She was insane, so keeping her in his past is the best option moving forward.

According to Michael, the relationship with Maria is affecting every aspect of his life. I’m not sure if we’ve ever seen him get this emotional. This is a new level of transparency for Michael. Whether or not it’ll change things moving forward remains to be seen. Michael is the king at telling people what they want to hear.


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He has Sarah convinced that he missed court because of this. Honey, if you only knew. Michael was out fornicating with a random female and consuming copious amounts of alcohol. Please don’t drop your guard completely with this f**kboy. How is she THIS snowballed by him?

Sarah is getting way too close to Michael right now. She invites him to stay with her and the kids. Great idea. Let’s hope she doesn’t sleep with him again and have another pregnancy scare. That was a nightmare. She can also kiss her future with Malcolm goodbye because no way will that fly with him.

Their conversation shifts into a full fight over her keeping Michael away from the children. He feels as if she allows the drama between them to dictate his role in their lives. I guess there is some truth in that, but at the same time he’s always chasing after random women instead of being a father. Own it Michael. Own it.

Scott & Lindsey

Lindsey Life After Lockup

Lindsey leaving all of Scott’s belongings out in the rain is such a savage bitch move. There’s a lot about her that we can criticize, but her lies don’t even compare to Scott’s. Everything he’s said has been a total lie from the jump. He’s broke. He’s fond of hookers. Scott is not at all who he has claimed to be.

I understand Scott not wanting Lindsey’s friend to camp out in the driveway. However, it’s taking things a bit too far to say none of her friends can ever visit. That’s bordering too close to controlling.

Lindsey’s mother says Mylie Grace is the only one Lindsey’s ever shown love and concern for. I wonder what has taken place in Lindsey’s life to lead her down the path she’s taken. She’s walking such a slippery slope with this newfound drama with Scott. If this continues to escalate it might take her over the edge.

Shavel & Quaylon

Quaylon Life After Lockup

Quaylon really needs to let this go with Shavel. She’s so much better off without him in her life. There’s no reason for him to swoop back in and derail it.

It’s so frustrating to watch Shavel continue to allow her young daughter to be caught in this tangled mess. To let that innocent little girl get attached to a man she barely knows is reckless as hell. Shame on her for allllll of that.

Quaylon’s sister thinks he’s crazy for dropping everything and pursuing Shavel and her daughter again. She’s right, and she knows he’s making a horrible decision. The biggest issue in all of this is his inability to own up to his mistakes. If he can admit to Shavel that he cheated, it’s easier to respect if she takes him back. Until then, he has a lot more growing up to do.


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With Quaylon out of the picture, Shavel invites another male on her “family trip”. If Quaylon crashes this outing, it’s going to be an utter disaster. Shavel has no idea Quaylon is on his way to Branson to find her.

Shavel says she still wants to be with Quaylon which is the worst thing she can do for her life. He will continue to disrespect her if she allows it. He’s never truly owned up to any of his actions, and he probably never will. He’d much rather smooth talk his way back into her heart and bed.


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