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Kristin Cavallari Claims Madison LeCroy Begged Jay Cutler To Film Southern Charm; Says “This Girl Just Wants Me To Be Seen With Her”

Apparently, there are a lot of reality stars who get off on spite. We all remember Blac Chyna spite-dating Rob Kardashian to get back at Tyga and Kylie Jenner. Now, we have Madison LeCroy spitefully hooking up with Jay Cutler to get back at Kristin Cavallari and Austen Kroll… for being platonic friends. And, for the media attention, obviously.

Unfortunately for Austen, Madison clearly used him to get on Southern Charm, despite Patricia Altschul’s claims to the contrary. Fortunately for Austen, at least this mean he got a storyline too. However, he also got so much more than that, including heartbreak and embarrassment. He was visibly upset at the Southern Charm reunion while Madison smirked in response, thinking about how she secured her spot on the show for another season. Or at least that’s what I assume she was thinking about. She could have had A-Rod on her mind instead.

Kristin appeared on Austen and Craig Conover’s Pillows and Beer podcast recently to talk about their businesses, the origin of their friendship, and to throw a little shade at Madison.

In response to Kristin discussing her time on reality TV while she was still with Jay, Craig told her that at least she never had to “worry about him being married to you to be on TV, which some people do have to worry about that.” By “some people,” we have to assume he was referring to Austen. Kristin responded with “yeah” and started laughing.


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After that, she told Craig and Austen, “You guys are in the thick of that.” Austen acknowledged, “Well, yeah. It’s actually pretty funny because not really naming anyone specifically, but Craig and I feel like every time we begin to date someone, Craig always questions everyone that I’ve dated’s motive.”

Kristin told Austen, “You have to though. You have to.” Austen remarked, “I know, I know. I know, Kristin, but that like makes you jaded, kind of. Right?” In response, Kristin said, “Yeah, but I don’t know if ‘jaded’ is the right word, but I think that it just makes you a realist.” And Craig agreed, adding, “That’s exactly it. You have to be aware.”


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Austen told Kristin and Craig, “I think that both of you know that I am naive.” He went on to explain, “I want to believe the best [in people]. That would be such a long con to do that. And I know both of y’all are laughing at me [for thinking that].”

“People will do that. People will put in that effort,” Kristin countered. And then she dropped this bomb: “by the way, not naming names, someone on your show was repeatedly asking my soon-to-be-ex-husband to come on your show over and over and over.” Gee who could she be talking about?


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Aa shocked Austen responded with “stop,” but we all know that’s the last thing Madison is going to do. Kristin concluded, “This girl just wants me to be seen with her,” which is a sentiment that JLo can relate to.


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