Bravo Stars Who Would Be Great on Love Island

Photo by: Vince Valitutti/PEACOCK/ITV via Getty Images

Love Island is one of those series that you watch with your eyes wide open. It’s got everything raunchy, sweaty, and train-wrecky, all taking place within the confines of a luxury villa. There’s also a dozen gorgeous participants, who, after engaging in wild competitions, head off to sleep in a communal bedroom, with only one bed per every two contestants. You guys, this series is beyond unrelatable, which, for me, makes it a ton of fun to watch.

I mean, never would any of these aired scenarios ever occur out here in our very real, often mundane, fully-clothed worlds. I really hate that for us. But, making this series even cooler than you, smarter than you, and prettier than you, its newest host was just announced. It’s none other than Ariana Madix from Vanderpump Rules.

Ariana’s obviously thriving post Scandoval. Now, she’s bringing her fan base over to Hulu, where they’ll likely stay, since this series is so stupidly addictive. That said, in addition to her presence, there are several other Bravo stars who could also make for excellent additions. They can only arrive as islanders though, since the hosting seat’s clearly taken.

Ashley Darby

Ashley Darby’s gorgeous. She also knows how to move a storyline along, ever-smiling as she stirs the pot on Real Housewives of Potomac. Following her split from Michael Darby, Ashley’s been linked to a few Bravo males, but nothing’s really stuck. As one of the network’s most outgoing stars, she’s an obvious pick for this list.

Were she to appear on Love Island, Ashley’s energy would likely see her dancing all across the Villa’s perimeter. I could also see her making TikTok’s with her costars, while messily plucking each one out, one by one. However, Ashley’s recently revealed that she’s dating someone, but there’s no ring on her hand just yet. Therefore, her time to star on Love Island is now.

Carl Radke

We all know that Carl Radke’s newly single. His split from his Summer House costar Lindsay Hubbard didn’t shock me. Yet, I’m still sad for them, because I’m sensitive, so, deal with it. Now that he’s back on the market and ready to mingle though, Carl’s going to be great catch for his next leading lady.

Therefore, he can (and he should) pop on over to Love Island during their next casting call. As an islander, Carl would get snatched up with the quickness. He’s fun and level-headed, and he’s also ready to settle down, with the right one that is. Therefore, his staying power, as long as his partner doesn’t suck, could see him lasting to the very end, where he’d grab up enough cash to help him continue on with his motivational speaking tour.

Brynn Whitfield

If you’re alive, Brynn Whitfield will likely flirt with you, but it’s harmless, and for the most part, she’s entertaining af. She’s also feisty, and not afraid of confrontations. Therefore, I could see multiple men vying for Brynn’s attentions as an islander, but I could also see her quickly changing her mind over her chosen partners, angering the men and women alike. Overall, this Real Housewives of New York star might bring the sloppy main character energy that Love Island thrives on.

Jason Cameron

Just like Ashley, Jason Cameron’s also been linked to several of Bravo’s leading ladies, but alas, this Winter House star is still single and ready to mingle. Well, kinda. You see, he’s been in a weird “situationship” with Gizelle Bryant from RHOP. On-air though, Gizelle’s noted that they’re not exclusive, which makes Jason fair game as a potential islander, if you ask me.

Overall, Jason’s chiseled and fun. He’d likely thrive in the challenges, while also breaking a few hearts along the way. Perhaps his own heart might even suffer, but at least he could say that he tried. In addition, maybe, just maybe, his appearance on Love Island might even see him returning to Gizelle, ready to tie down the green-eyed bandit.

Maritally speaking, you pervs.

Monica Garcia

Stay with me here, y’all. Reality television isn’t meant to be all cupcakes and rainbows (and if you read that in Branch’s voice from the Trolls movie, please know that I love you). In order to pull the viewers in, drama has to go down, and there’s no one better for this than Monica Garcia. Recently ousted from Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Monica fully embraced the chaos on her series, and phew the storylines that followed in her wake. IYKYK.

At the time of writing, Monica’s also single, and as we all know by now, for her, no one’s safe. Not even her “husband’s sister—her husband.” Granted, Monica might get the boot from the viewers pretty early, but she’d still bring the heat to Love Island, should Hulu take her on next.

UPDATE: Now that Monica’s loved up and expecting a child, perhaps she could be a love coach?!

Austen Kroll

The only problem Austen Kroll might face on Love Island is the need for monogamy. You see, this Southern Charm playboy’s been linked to several of his costars, sometimes even at the same time. Yet, that’s ok, as messy sells. Even though he’s possibly dating someone right now, Austen’s not confirmed anything, so I’m calling fair game, for now.

Also, for whatever reason, Austen’s height seems to be a major selling point with the ladies. Due to this, he’d likely find a few potential partners. However, for me, the only thing that would make Austen’s presence on Love Island even better would be if Madison LeCroy arrived for a few occasional read-downs and/or banter sesh’s with her ex. She and Ariana might also hit it off, so now, we really need to make this Bravo/Hulu crossover happen.