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I am still recovering from the Season 11 premiere of Real Housewives of New Jersey. It started off nicely, with Jackie Goldschneider throwing a birthday party for her husband, Evan Goldschneider. Teresa Giudice decided it was the perfect time to tell nearly everyone at the party that she heard a rumor that Evan “messes around at the gym.”

Word got back to Jackie, and RHONJ co-star Margaret Josephs offered to host a meeting between Teresa and Jackie in her home. What could possibly go wrong? Everything.

Teresa refused to name the source of the rumor and denied that it was a lie. Jackie exclaimed that she heard Gia Giudice “snorts coke in the bathroom at parties.” Teresa exploded and left in a cloud of curse words. Jackie later defended her statement. She remarked, “I wasn’t starting a rumor about Gia. I was giving an analogy. I think that like almost everyone will say that that’s an analogy and the truth is that there’s no one else in Teresa’s life that I can make her understand,” Jackie said.

The lawyer also touched on going after someone’s kids. “Across the board, I think, husbands and children should be off-limits, but once it went there, I’m proud of the way that Evan and I handled everything together,” Jackie stated. I don’t think that dragging Gia into this debacle is a reason to be proud.


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Melissa Gorga, Jennifer Aydin and Margaret spoke to US Weekly about the heated confrontation and Jackie’s comment about Gia. “I think Jackie made an analogy, that Teresa didn’t realize was an analogy,” Margaret stated.

“I think when anybody brings up your child, you automatically go on autopilot.” She added, “I understand why [Jackie] was just like, ‘Who else was I going to bring up?’ … Obviously, in hindsight, it wasn’t the best analogy, and you can’t really bring up people’s children,” Margaret shared. “Jackie’s an attorney and she argues like an attorney and it just went South.”


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Melissa also condemned the comments about her niece, Gia. She stated, “It’s one thing when we’re talking about us, it’s another thing when we bring kids in. I never want to bring [up] a child — even if they’re 18, whatever, however old they are,” Melissa added. “I mean, I know Gia is 20 now. It doesn’t matter. All of our kids to me are always off-limits.”

Jennifer also criticized Jackie. “First of all, she didn’t even say like, ‘How would you feel if I had said [this about Gia]?’ It wasn’t even articulated in that way,” Jennifer said. “It was a statement.”

Teresa’s bestie continued, “And even though I know what her intention was, saying that about someone’s child –an innocent child that really has nothing to do with this No. 1– [and] No. 2, let’s not forget that Jackie came for Teresa’s husband on more than one occasion,” Jennifer commented.


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“And this wasn’t even Teresa going for Jackie. This was really just her, trying, in her version, the Teresa version, class of Teresa… say a rumor that she heard,” Jennifer explained in a video clip. “And it just…it just wasn’t executed correctly.”

“I think by Jackie saying that though, that was extremely below the belt,” the RHONJ star said. “And again, know your audience. You’re saying this to Teresa. Okay…let’s just be thankful that there was no table in front of her.”


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