Below Deck Sailing Yacht Daisy Kelliher

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Star Daisy Kelliher Says Chef Natasha De Bourg Is Arrogant And Irritated Her The Most

Friction between chefs and chief stews is not a new phenomenon in the Below Deck franchise.  The chefs prioritize their food and ego above all else, while the interior staff have to manage the entire guest experience.  Sometimes opinions clash, but food really can make or break a charter.

The only exception was the pairing of Adam Glick and Jenna MacGillivray on last season’s Below Deck Sailing Yacht.  Not only did Adam and Jenna get along, they were crazy for each other.  Until they weren’t.  But for most of the season, their was peace in the galley.  And lots of shiny glasses.  Unfortunately, the premiere of Season 2 revealed that the dynamic between galley and interior was going to be very different.

After all the enthusiastic exclamations of “awesome” and “nice to meet you” that assault our senses when a new season starts, it’s surprising how quickly conflict can appear.  One charter in, and Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher and Chef Natasha De Bourg are in a power struggle.

After the charter guests requested sailing over a full breakfast service, Daisy pushed Natasha to change her menu plan in favor of breakfast sandwiches that would be a little more keel friendly.  Natasha, who had most of the meal prepared already, stood her ground.  The ending result was a hastily served breakfast and an interior crew scrambling to clean up before Captain Glenn Shepard took the wheel.


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Daisy expressed her displeasure with the chef during a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live.  When Andy Cohen asked, “whose behavior irritated you the most?”  Daisy quickly replied, “Natasha’s.”

Daisy revealed her first impressions of Natasha were not favorable.  She said, “I think arrogance straight away is a bad sign in a chef — and cockiness. I think, Natasha, to an extent, displayed those pretty quickly on.  And, yeah, I don’t think I was wrong.”


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Intuitions aside, should Daisy have been calling shots that are to be made my Captain Glenn?  Daisy built up expectation without confirming with Glenn that the sailing schedule could be changed.  The whole conversation with Natasha served only to waste time and delay breakfast further.

There will be no warm feelings in the galley this season.


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