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Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: Rumors, Lies, And Family Ties

What a trip it’s been so far for the Real Housewives of New Jersey in Lake George! Jackie Goldschneider’s absence is obvious, but they’re making the most of it. Teresa Giudice has been on a rampage since the trip began because of the analogy about her daughter Gia Giudice. To insinuate Gia uses drugs in any capacity was wrong, but Teresa set all of this in motion. It’s difficult to feel sorry for someone who starts fires and then cries about it.

Another issue brewing is the tea brought to Jennifer Aydin by Michelle Pais. Hearing that Joe Gorga might owe tens of thousands of dollars was a megawatt rumor to take in. Can Melissa Gorga

handle hearing something like this without blaming Jennifer for being the messenger? Their relationship is just now getting to a place of civility and all of that could be threatened by these rumors?

Tereasa Giudice Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Things are still not great between David Principe & Dolores Catania. They don’t ever work through their issues. Walking away and never speaking about it is not the right way to handle things. Things will just continue to fester over time. That’s how resentment develops.

Jackie’s never going to backtrack on her analogy about Gia. Teresa’s never going to apologize first either. These are two stubborn women that’ll never give in first. I have no idea how this group’s going to move past this.

Teresa doesn’t want to see Jackie ever again, and she’s never going to apologize. Well,  there you have it. Also, Teresa keeps talking about how much she never wants to talk about Jackie. However, her actions show otherwise. Every other word out of her mouth is about their rift. Either speak to Jackie or drop the subject. Stop being a human oxymoron.

Jennifer is still mulling over if she should tell Melissa the rumor about Joe. They’re finally in a good place, and this could wreck all of the progress. On the flip side, she HAS to tell her. If Melissa finds out Jennifer’s having conversations about this behind her back, it’ll be ten times worse. This information has to be related by Jennifer herself, and soon.

Everyone’s on a kayak, but Melissa is living her best life on an inflatable swan. Jennifer makes a crack about Melissa thinking she’s more beautiful than the swan. I don’t want to say she used to be the ugly duckling, but I’m also not saying she has the same face from Season 3 either.

Teresa wants to pick the right next man after Joe Giudice. She wants someone who actually pays attention to her. I suppose she should also ask for a man that doesn’t refer to her as his “bitch wife”. He probably shouldn’t call her a c**t either. Add those things to your Mr. Right wish list.

Melissa Gorga Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Jennifer asks Melissa to stay behind to talk before joining everyone for lunch. It’s nice of her to have the conversation privately. If she wanted to be a bitch, she could’ve spread it all at the table with everyone. Jennifer might be a bit more evolved this season. I really like sober Jennifer. It’s when she knocks back too many tequilas that I question her character.

Jennifer spills the tea about the money Joe allegedly owes Michelle’s husband. Hearing that Joe might owes tens of thousands of dollars is a lot to process. Her first instinct is likely not to trust Jennifer, but maybe she’ll think it’s true. Something about those Gorgas just screams CROOKED.

Melissa doesn’t believe anything Jennifer’s telling her about Joe. At least she’s not attacking Jennifer about it. The issue is that once again a friend of Teresa is spreading damaging rumors about Joe & Melissa. Everything always comes back to Teresa. She’s like Patient 0 for drama in this group.

Teresa denies having any knowledge about this ahead of time. It’s sketchy of Michelle to not talk about this upfront to Melissa & Joe at the party. It’s cowardly to go around the party and take the information to someone outside of the dealings. Jennifer has no skin in that game. Whether or not Joe withheld money from Michelle’s husband has NAHTING to do with Teresa.

Teresa also says it doesn’t bother her that her friend is saying this about her brother. Of course she doesn’t. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Teresa was low key in on this rumor. She’s the queen of doing that. Teresa’s still willing to work with Michelle as a realtor which is quite the blow to her family.

Melissa calls Joe to fill him in on the rumors being spread by Michelle. In the other room Teresa’s making it seem possible that Joe could’ve done this. Joe denies everything on the phone to Melissa though. He makes it seem as if Michelle’s husband is just guilty of envy.

There’s quite a double standard when it comes to how Melissa & Joe are supposed to act versus Teresa. She lets people drag her brother and Melissa all of the time. If Melissa & Joe don’t bow down to Teresa, it’s the end of the world. This is a played out story that has overstayed it’s welcome. It’s well past time this stops being the Teresa Show.

Jackie Goldschneider Real Housewives Of New Jersey

I’m sick of seeing Jackie’s family already. She chose not to go on the cast trip to Lake George. I feel like because she did that we shouldn’t be subjected to random family scenes of hers. I have nothing against them as people, but they aren’t interesting to me at all.

I’d much rather watch Jackie & Teresa going at it on the trip instead of quality time with her brother. Is that rude? Am I a terrible person for saying that? The one thing I will say is that it’s heartbreaking to hear about her brother’s battle with coronavirus. I’m happy to hear he’s doing much better.

Jackie’s brother tells her to get better at brushing off issues with her friends. She should take that advice. Holding onto this Teresa thing is wasting so much time and energy. Let’s have a real conversation about it without the analogies and expletives, and we might get somewhere.

Margaret Josephs Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Margaret Josephs tells everyone at dinner that she got a book deal. Good for her! The first chapter is about her early childhood because everything about it was crazy. It’s also supposed to focus on her love of fashion. She’s always known that she wanted to work in that industry.

She tells the group that she once slept with her boss when she was in her early twenties. It’s horrible when people in positions of power proposition sex like that. What an abuse of power. Jennifer thinks things like that shouldn’t be spoken or published in a book. Please worry about your 16 toilets and move on.

Jennifer thinks Teresa’s beating a dead horse by always bringing up Jackie. Not even just Jennifer. They all think Teresa needs to get over it. She’s the one responsible for this spiraling out of control. If she didn’t spread the initial rumor about Evan Goldschneider, nothing else would’ve followed. She triggered the entire chain reaction of events.

With the trip over, Margaret is back and Jersey and meeting with Jackie. Based on what happened with Teresa before the trip, Jackie thought it was best to not attend. It was for the best, but it wasn’t the best look. If things drag out for too long, it festers and becomes toxic. This has the potential to divide the group more than it already is.

I really hope Margaret doesn’t actually buy into the garbage about Teresa being concerned about Jackie’s marriage. If she was genuinely worried, she would have went to Jackie DIRECTLY. Instead, she paraded around like a gossipy little school girl to everyone at Evan’s party. She knew what she was doing.

Margaret doesn’t believe Teresa calculated ahead of time to spread the rumor. Jackie’s shocked Margaret is riding so hard for someone who had her physically assaulted by Danielle Staub. Yeah, I’m with Jackie on this one. Everything coming out of Margaret’s mouth right now is total nonsense. To say she forgives Danielle is an insult to everyone’s intelligence.

Jackie & Evan are inviting everyone to a new party with people that actually care about him. She just wants to have a good time and finally dead this Teresa issue. That’s not at all how this is going to work. Teresa’s going to be set off more than ever if she learns she’s being excluded. She doesn’t get how the real world works.

Teresa Giudice Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Michelle is finally coming face to face with Teresa. This is a big moment for the Gorga family. Will Teresa defend her brother against the woman spreading damaging rumors about him? Or will Teresa sit there and act ignorant and pretend not to know what’s going on? The latter is typically her speed.

The positive part of this is that Teresa’s finally selling her home. It’s time to start a new chapter in her life and make new memories somewhere else. FINALLY.

Teresa confronts Michelle about talking about Joe at Evan’s party. She’s tight lipped about it. That’s odd. In a shocking moment of defense of her family, Teresa says she won’t list with Michelle is her husband doesn’t talk to Joe. That’s big for her. I don’t know if that’s all just for show or not, but it’s refreshing to hear.

Jennifer’s worried that Jackie’s going to be on the attack against Teresa at the party. Oh, but it’s totally alright for Teresa to rampage about it for the entire trip? THE DOUBLE STANDARD IS F**KING RIDICULOUS! She plans on defending Teresa at the party, and so does Joe. The loyalty to Teresa is mind blowing.

When Melissa & Joe arrive to the party, Jackie backs down a bit about the Gia analogy. She says it was NEVER her intention to do that. That’s more timid than what she was saying before.

I know Joe wants to defend Teresa, but he needs to stop saying the same trash line as Margaret. Teresa was not looking out for Jackie by spreading this rumor. That makes zero sense in context to what went down at Evan’s party. The litany of excuses that are always made for that women are unfathomable.

Jackie says she can be in the same room with Teresa moving forward which surprises me. She has to though or the season’s going to be impossible. They can’t avoid each other forever.


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