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Jennifer Aydin Says She Doesn’t Kiss Teresa Giudice’s Ass

Real Housewives of New Jersey has had approximately one story line all season. We’re finally getting into this Michelle Pais and Joe Gorga drama, and just in time. So far the entire season has centered around the cheating rumor Teresa Giudice spread all over Evan Goldschneider’s birthday party. The worst part? Having to watch Jackie Goldschneider throw him an entirely new party to erase the memory of the party she didn’t even know was sabotaged. She used this completely unnecessary do-over to make tons of happy new memories relive Tre ruining her night over and over and over again. Joyous!

It’s hard to pick a side between Teresa’s inability to understand what she did wrong and Jackie’s insatiable need to keep repeating it. So difficult that Tre’s new pal Jennifer Aydin has been doing her best to stay neutral about the entire topic. She even gave Teresa a light call out over dinner. Jennifer also said Teresa is beating the topic “with a dead horse” in her confessional. Can’t wait to see that covered in the reunion.

Jennifer told Entertainment Tonighshe’s staying out of the argument between Jackie and Tre. She said, “Teresa gave her version of an olive branch. We all saw what Jackie did with that olive branch. So now Teresa’s like, oh, OK. You know what? Now f**k you. So, trademark Teresa … it’s a, sorry, not sorry, type of thing, which I totally get by the way. I totally relate.”


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While Jackie has claimed Jennifer is “desperate” to be Teresa’s friend and “kiss her butt,” Jennifer disagrees. Jennifer gave a convincing argument too. She pointed out, “When Margaret [Josephs] defends Teresa it’s, ‘Oh, Margaret, I think you’re smarter than that. Oh, you’re giving her a pass.’But when I defend someone who is actually my friend, that’s ‘kissing her a**?’ No sweetheart, that’s called friendship. So get the memo if you haven’t already gotten it.” She has a point. Or am I really just *that* over all of this?


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Jennifer also reminded everyone, “I told Teresa, I thought what she did was wrong, however, I’m not going to sit here and start a fight with my real friend over someone who is somewhat of a friend. I told Teresa my piece, I put a period on it and I’m done. If she wants to keep going at it, or Jackie wants to keep going at it, it’s not my fight.” While I see her point, I think it’s best to keep your head on a swivel when it comes to keeping loyalty with Tre. I don’t think it’s worked for literally anyone so far.


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