Lisa Vanderpump Wishes Fired Cast Members Got To “Learn From Their Mistakes” Instead Of Getting Cut From Vanderpump Rules

After a questionable amount of time off, rumor has it there will be another season of Vanderpump Rules coming our way. Unless you’ve been under a rock, you know the next go around is going to look very different. Basically half the season 8 cast has left and/or made a baby in the last year.

After being fired for her racist behavior, Stassi Schroeder’s new PR team worked swiftly to get her baby news out. Not a bad deflection, I guess. She even doubled it down with her statements about wanting to turn to drugs following the public criticism of her behavior. She claimed her pregnancy “saved her.” I love the part where Stassi wants sympathy for public scrutiny which only happened because she publicly (and incorrectly [and racistly]) scrutinized someone!!! Miss me with this self-inflicted struggle.

When asked by Cosmopolitan about the change in VPR casting and her former cast-members’ racism, Lisa Vanderpump shared, “I think Bravo dealt with it appropriately, I think people should learn from their mistakes, but Bravo kind of brought the gavel down on them and actions have consequences, and I support their decision.” She added, “I would like to see young people learn from their mistakes, but that wasn’t my decision.” Does being off a reality show remove someone’s ability to reflect or think or better themselves?

Being blatantly racist is a pretty big transgression. Therefore it requires a pretty big consequence. Simple math. But, this is from the woman who kept waiting for Jax Taylor of all people to get himself together. How this man was able to skate through 8 seasons of the show while LVP tried(?) or pretended (?) to hold him to a respectable standard was crazy making. Meanwhile, James Kennedy was actually fired from the restaurant. He was made accountable for his actions for the long(er)-term. Today, James is doing well by all accounts. Maybe this is Stassi’s chance to rise from the ashes. Or she could just start a basic-mom podcast because cancel culture is a myth. Her choice I guess.


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For anyone still interested, Lisa was also asked directly about the status of Vanderpump Rules’ return. She said, “Well, they haven’t announced it, but I think it’s a show that is a beloved part of people’s lives. We’ve lost a couple of people recently, you know, from the cast, but for the most part, the cast was very big.”

Lisa also teased, “There’s a lot of original players there, and the restaurants just opened, so as soon as we could do something safely. But Bravo has to announce that. I can’t say anything.” I guess we’ll just have to wait patiently. Good things take time, and this show is definitely in need of a re-brand.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]