Tom Sandoval & Ariana Madix

Tom Sandoval And Ariana Madix Say Season 9 Of Vanderpump Rules Is Happening But Filming Has Not Been Scheduled

The fate of Vanderpump Rules remains in limbo – or does it? No one seemingly wants to officially cut the cord of the popular Bravo show that hasn’t filmed since last year. The program didn’t return to it’s regularly scheduled season because it needed to fill some casting gaps left open by racism firings and then the Rona came and shut everything down. Most of the crew has kept busy by creating babies or writing books no one asked for and it seemed all held hope production would begin at some point.

Now here we are, still waiting. Most of our shows are back to their normal pace and in the interim, Lisa Vanderpump got a whole new gig. Yet Pump Rules is still sitting in time out, seemingly teetering on the edge of cancellation but never quite falling over. Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix are two long-term members of the show who are still technically employed by Bravo because they didn’t get canned. Recently the #1 guy in that group hinted the show will in fact be back, but it’s not even close to being on anyone’s watchlist.

Life is creeping back into normalcy in the entertainment world, at least. Shows are filming, cast trips are happening, and everyone seems to be rolling with the punches. Unfortunately for the cast of Vanderpump Rules, it’s taking a little longer than usual to get back up to speed. Several remaining OGs have made statements regarding the potential rebirth of the show and Bravo never gave it the axe. But it seemed safe to say Pump Rules was definitely circling the drain.

Not so fast everybody! Tom 1 said fancy outdoor dining in California is picking back up but since the real action happens on the inside of a restaurant, fans have to wait a little bit longer. According to Page Six, “Obviously, they want to do another season and they have every plan and intention of doing that, but it’s just because of the industry that we’re in, they don’t want to see us just like sitting in our houses,” Tom said. On behalf of everyone who watched, thank you. I am not interested in how many cats Scheana Shay has or trying to guess what time Tom Schwartz finally rolls out of bed.


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Ariana said that even though SUR, recently opened up for the first time since March of 2020, things are still up in the air as far as COVID-19 precautions are concerned. “So we’re kind of just waiting and seeing,” she added. The couple just “wants everyone to be safe” when filming picks up. Tom shared, “You also have a lot of restrictions when it comes to production as well and liabilities and things like that.”

While SUR is open, TomTom is still closed. Obviously that puts a kink in any fantasies that a spinoff show could form featuring Tom 1 and Tom 2’s newish bar. So once again we are in a holding pattern. By the time the show comes back, if it comes back, everyone will be in their mid-40’s and trying to go to bed before 10pm. Is it time to OFFICIALLY pull the plug? Does Pump Rules have a fan base loyal enough to stick it out or will it go the way of Jax Taylor and be #cancelledbybravo?


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