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More Than 250 People Dialed In To Jen Shah’s Virtual Court Hearing

Jen Shah can run, (and she tried to, bless her heart) but she can’t hide now that she’s been busted. This is how you get the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City second season started. As you know, Jen is going out in a blaze of leopard print glory now that her ALLEGED criminal activities have come to light. To be fair, most of the viewing audience clocked Jen’s sketchy financial situation when pretty much no one believed someone could have that much designer clothing on a college football coach’s salary.

While the supposed scamming jobs Jen and her assistant have ALLEGEDLY run on people since 2012 blew up in her face, we might have some new insight on Jen’s somewhat high-strung attitude. Nothing can make a girl pop off like the looming discovery of a telemarketing scheme that defrauded hundreds of people. Honey, if you are doing shady business deals, reality television is not the platform for you. Now Jen is about to face the music. Yesterday Jen was to virtually participate in her arraignment, but an overloaded conference call line caused the hearing to be postponed. We see you, Andy Cohen Bravo fans!

Jenny from the Cell Block and her assistant, Stuart Smith, were arrested and charged on Tuesday in connection with a hustle scam that went left. Unfortunately, many victims of this ALLEGED crime were over the age of 55, according to the superseding indictment that was unsealed. They have been charged with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering, per the release.

Jen was set to virtually appear before Judge Sidney Stein for an arraignment on March 31. A series of technical snafus and a conference call belabored by interested citizens caused the hearing to be rescheduled. According to CNN, during the hearing, folks ignored the judge’s repeated request asking everyone to mute their lines. At one point someone could be heard saying, “I’m on for the Housewives trial” and another person chiming in, “Do you watch Bravo?”. No word on whether or not Jen was wearing a Brooks Marks sweatsuit to honor this occasion.


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Both Jen and her attorney had technical issues with the video conference. The judge advised them to call into the “conference bridge.” But, Jen was apparently unable to connect to the call because the limit for the meeting had been reached. Judge Stein, who is probably already sick of this shit, adjourned the proceedings due to technical difficulties “making it impossible for Shah to participate in her own hearing”. He delayed the arraignment until Friday.

Nothing says “you’ve made it” like having your court hearing inundated by Bravo viewers! Jen’s lack of scruples and business sense have propelled her into another hemisphere of fame. That fame may or may not have a jail term attached to it, but like Jen said, Teresa Giudice walked so she could run. Straight to a 70 square foot room with limited views. The special agent-in-charge of the NY Field Office of Homeland Security Investigations claims Jen and her assistant “flaunted their lavish lifestyle to the public as a symbol of their ‘success'”. Golly, that sounds familiar. As Erika Jayne takes notes, Jen will try again in court tomorrow.


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