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Melissa Gorga Says Jennifer Aydin Is A “Wannabe” And A “Sloppy Drunk” Who’s “Just Not Real”; Tells Jennifer To “Get A Backbone” Instead Of Being Loyal To Teresa Giudice

Melissa Gorga and Jennifer Aydin have had a tense relationship  on the Real Housewives Of New Jersey since the day Jen drunkenly broke a glass and aimed it at Mel. This season, it’s on a whole other level.  Jen has fiercely sided with Teresa Giudice in her feud with Jackie Goldschneider. And despite her loyalty, she claims she doesn’t kiss her ass. But her co-stars disagree.

So we know Jen is definitely a Tre Hugger, and Melissa is one for trying to hold her sister-in-law accountable for her actions. Jackie says Jennifer is “obsessed” with RHONJ’s leading lady and will do anything for shock value. To be fair, Jennifer’s drunken antics at the pool party were the comic relief this season needed from all of the damning allegations being thrown around. While Margaret Josephs says Jen’s drinking is troublesome, Jennifer just says she likes to have a good time. And who doesn’t?

In a recent interview, Melissa told Access that Jennifer is nothing but a “wannabe.” “She goes from like, ‘I don’t drink’ when she first came around. Like, ‘Oh I don’t do that I wear high-neck things around my in-laws’ to like sloppy drunk all over the place.”

MelGo goes on to say that she wouldn’t “judge” anyone for having a good time, because Drunk Melissa has definitely made a few RHONJ appearances. “But I definitely feel like she’s just one of those people. She’s not real.”


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She went on to say Jennifer is “kissing Teresa’s butt” in the name of loyalty. “You can be loyal and have an opinion that doesn’t agree,” she said. “I’m loyal too. Guess what? I’m going to have Christmas Eve with her, but I’m still going to tell her when she’s wrong. Like, get a backbone.” These are definitely fighting words from Melissa.


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Jennifer has loved to poke fun at Melissa since she called her out for pretending seemingly pretending to want another baby for a storyline. She recently said that Joe Gorga deserves a Housewives title more than his wife, knowing it would hit a nerve. It’s probably because she knows he will also defend Tre no matter what, and won’t judge her for having a little too much fun.


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