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Real Housewives of New Jersey is really delivering this season. Season 11 started off in a celebratory mood when Jackie Goldschneider gave her husband, Evan Goldschneider, a birthday party. When RHONJ co-star Teresa Giudice went to the party, she brought the rumor that Evan was cheating on Jackie while he was at the gym. How thoughtful of Teresa!

When Jackie and Teresa met to discuss the rumor, Teresa refused to reveal her source. Jackie dragged Teresa’s daughter, Gia Giudice, into the fight. Jackie attempted to make an analogy by saying that she heard that Gia snorted coke in the bathroom at parties. Teresa went ballistic. Jackie doesn’t regret using Gia in the analogy. And she refuses to “dumb myself down for conversations with people.”

Teresa insisted that she didn’t make up the rumor. She also slammed Jackie for mentioning her daughter. Of course, Jackie and Teresa were never besties to begin with.

The one person who was always loyal to Teresa was Jennifer Aydin. While Jackie thinks that Jennifer was “desperate” to be Teresa’s friend, Jennifer feels that she actually is Teresa’s friend. “But when I defend someone who is actually my friend, that’s ‘kissing her a**?’ No sweetheart, that’s called friendship,” Jennifer said.

The Jersey husbands met up for some poker and drinking. I love the husbands on RHONJ! Margaret Josephs’ husband, Joe Benigno, dropped a bombshell. He told the guys that he heard the same rumor about Evan cheating.


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During the most recent episode of RHONJ, the cast headed to the Jersey Shore. Jennifer’s husband, Bill Aydin, told his wife that Joe Benigno said he also heard the cheating rumor about Evan. Jennifer told Teresa, Dolores Catania, and Frank Catania about what Joe Benigno said during guy’s night. Frank played dumb and denied hearing the comment.

Tension was high during dinner because it was the first time that Teresa and Jackie were together since their blow-up. Teresa mentioned what Joe Benigno said about hearing rumors that Evan was cheating. Joe Benigno denied it. Awkward!


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During the The Real Housewives of New Jersey After Show, Jackie, Teresa, and Jennifer discussed how Jennifer leaked the Joe Benigno comment. “I was not surprised by it,” Jackie said. “Jennifer will do anything for shock value and anything to back up Teresa.”

Teresa sees things differently. Shocker! Teresa said of Jennifer, “That’s a true friend, because here I am getting (bleeped) on from everybody. You know, they’re all defending Jackie.” The RHONJ “OG” continued, “And it’s like okay. I can take it. You know, I’m a big girl, I can take it.” Teresa needs to work on her timing.

Jennifer was trying to help out like a friend, and I love that,” Teresa stated. Jennifer defended spilling the tea about guys’ night. “I thought everybody knew. I thought Frank told Dolores,” Jennifer remarked. She added, “I thought Joe told Margaret. I thought Joe [Gorga] told Melissa [Gorga], you know?”

Teresa seemed to appreciate that Jennifer had her back. “That’s what I call loyalty in my book, so…and I appreciate that she did that. And I love Joe Benigno, let me tell you!” Teresa exclaimed with a laugh.


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