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Marlo Hampton Is “So Confused” At Porsha Williams Getting Upset About Friendship With Kenya Moore

The feud between Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams will truly never end on the Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Even though they made up for about 2 seconds last season, they just don’t mesh. And during this week’s episode, Marlo Hampton found herself right in the middle of their feud, which is probably the worst place to be as a friend.

Porsha confronted Marlo about them growing distant aka she’s mad and jealous that her friend made up with her enemy.  While the timing was questionable of their makeup (Kenya needed an ally during #strippergate), Marlo was not into being told who she can and can’t hang with.

During the episode, Marlo took to Twitter to shed some light on her view of Porsha’s friendship. “‘Friendship’ coming from the same ‘friend’ that passed out on the ground laughing at my wig event,” she tweeted. In another tweet, she included the clip of Porsha laughing at Kenya crashing Marlo’s event. She wrote, “Did I say ANYTHING when they were on play dates!? When she fell on the floor laughing at my wig launch!? Where was the ‘friendship’ then??”

Miss Marlo so has a point. Porsha has a history of playing up her friendships with certain cast members. Remember when she told Nene Leakes she couldn’t live without her? And during her convo with Marlo, she was literally CRYING. We’ve never seen them be that close, so it’s just confusing.


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Marlo went on to quote-tweet some fan’s thoughts on the situation. someone tweeted, They don’t need to address @iheartMarlo  about nothing. Marlo can be friends with whoever she wants to.” Marlo responded saying “That part!”

And another viewer said, “It was okay when Porsha & Nene became friends again despite Nene & Kenya not getting along but now it’s a problem when @iheartMarlo rekindled her friendship with @KenyaMoore. What’s the difference because I’m confused.” Marlo quote-tweeted it, saying she also was “so confused” by the whole thing.


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Marlo also had Twirl’s back when it came to her bringing her daughter on the trip. Porsha4Real made such a fuss about not being allowed to bring her baby on the first cast trip of the season. Now, she’s allowed and she left her baby at home. It’s obvious she just loves to dog Kenya, which is understandable after Kenya tried to expose her night with Bolo. “All that hell given 2 @KenyaMoore about her daughter being on the trip. But everybody opted not 2 bring their child. prosha so hate @iheartMarlo getting along with Kenya when she needed 2ask permission to speak when she was married,” one viewer tweeted. Marlo quote tweeted it, saying “Preach.” 

So it’s obvious that Marlo is going to protect Marlo and do what she wants to do. And I can respect that. Taking sides is such a childish thing to do. Porsha’s made it pretty clear that she will “never” be Kenya’s friend, so then stop being pressed about what she’s doing or who she’s friends with.


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